A sideboard is a multipurpose piece of furniture. They will give you storage space in the kid's room, a toy cupboard, a utensil storage cupboard in the kitchen, and the study; you can keep your magazines, papers, and books. You can also use the flat surfaces of the sideboard to decorate the space by using lamps or art pieces.

If you have inherited a sideboard or are planning to buy one, there are four spaces around the house where they would look perfect.

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1. Sideboard in the bedroom 
Most dressers are the place where all the small pieces are stashed. However, if your dresser doesn't have much space, you can add a sideboard to your bedroom. It will give you more space to keep things, and you can even make compartments that will help you keep things organized. You decorate the flat surface of the sideboards in your room by placing lamps, jewelry boxes, or mirrors.

2. Sideboard in the living room 
A sideboard would be perfect for the living room. You can use the flat surface to keep the television screen, speakers, or the home theater. Meanwhile, the storage space can be utilized to hold CDs, your blankets, kids’ toys, or anything you want. If you don't want to put a TV on it, you can place a mirror on the wall attached to it and complement it with a vase. 

3. Sideboard in your office 
If you don't want those standard filing cabinets, then they can be easily replaced by using sideboards. They give you enough space to place all your files and folders in one place. Also, you can use organizers inside the cabinets to make them further structured. Meanwhile, the top of the sideboard can be decorated with awards & vases. When decorating the table, office simplicity is the goal.

4. Sideboards in the hallway 
The hallways of any house are the most neglected spaces. People often don't decorate them. But what they don't realize is that it is that the entrance is the first impression maker of your house!
So if you place a simple sideboard, it will change the look of your hallway. You can use the flat surface to set a vase or hang a mirror on the wall above it. People often use the storage place to keep towels and cleaning supplies.  

5. Sideboards in flex spaces 
The flex space behind the stairs or the angled corner of the room is a pain to decorate - nothing fits! However, you can use a sideboard in these spaces. They will style up the empty corner and give you a place where you can store things.

We hope that now you would be able to make good use of the traditional sideboard you just got or plan to buy one to add as an aesthetic touch to your room.