The casing of a house refers to the way burglars watch a house to try and determine the homeowner's patterns. Once they notice a trend, they can know the best time to rob the house, and this is when you are distracted or not around. Because of this,, a worthy site that advises on home security matters, has seen it necessary to enlighten you on this matter and know when your house is being cased. Consequently, this will give you enough time to get in touch with the law enforcement authority to have the issue investigated. Therefore, here are eight things that might be proof enough proof a robber is watching your house.

A new car starts to park on your street 
If you notice a vehicle parked on your street for a long duration and does not belong to your neighbors or their visitors, this should be a cause for concern. This is especially so if the car has a suspicious look like dark tinted windows. In such situations, trust your gut and get in touch with the law enforcement agents since robbers usually use dark-tinted vehicles to case a house as they try and study your routine.

Issues with your security lights 
If you hired a security expert to install lanterns that have motion sensors around your compound, make a point of checking them once in a while. This is because, during the casing of your house, robbers slightly unscrew these security lights, hence be able to enter your home without getting noticed. Therefore, if you see any weird occurrences like your security lights suddenly malfunctioning, this might be a sign that your house is being cased and a possible robbery might be imminent.  

Unknown numbers calling your home 
Robbers will call your home phone and then hang up as they try and establish what time you are still in the house. Moreover, in case your kid answers the call, they try and trick them and acquire information about your whereabouts or if any other adult is around. Due to this, it is always advisable to tell your kids not to talk to strangers. If this trend persists, contact your local enforcement so that the issue can be investigated.

There is a broken window
Thieves sometimes throw stones at your home or car window to see if the alarm is working or whether you are around. Likewise, they do this to try and check whether your neighbors hear anything, and if the police come due to a distress call. If nothing happens, the criminals then know the perfect time to stage a robbery, so you should call the police immediately if strange things like this do happen.

Missing garbage
Criminals have also developed cunning ways of going through your garbage disposal to try and obtain crucial personal information such as your name, passport number, and place of work. They then go ahead and use this data to try and manipulate you and subsequently rob your home. Thus, you should always first tear up a paper that contains personal information before you go ahead and dispose of it off to the garbage bin.

Your car's gas tank is empty 
Emptying your gas tank is also another clever tactic that robbers use to make sure you do not get home on time. This then gives them enough time to go through steal all the valuable items in your house while you are stuck trying to find a way of getting to the petrol station. Therefore, if something like this does happen, contact a friend or neighbor to go and check your house straight away until you get back.

You notice a broken lock 
If you see a scratch or malfunctioning lock in your home, these are signs someone unsuccessfully tried to enter your home. In such cases, you should call the police straight away, get new and more reliable locks as well as visit a reliable site to get in touch with a security expert to have an alarm system installed.

Strange marks 
You should also pay close attention to suspicious marks on your house, garden lanterns, flats, or anywhere close to your home.The reason for this is because it is a successful technique that burglars use to mark houses that owners are not around or that they consider to be easy targets. Therefore, if you see such marks, always erase them and try to confuse the criminals. The same applies to stickers and commercials as they also are used to mark houses that can be easily accessed when the owner is not around.