No doubt that it is an exciting affair to decorate your home, but for homeowners who are trying to execute, it can be a bit daunting to do it perfectly. There are many home decor tips out there on the internet, which is confusing, and there are plenty of contractors too offering home improvement services. In fact, one thing you need to remember is that people tend to make a lot of mistakes, which can ultimately make your home look weird than giving it a nice décor. 

You may not want your house to look this way, so it is important to consider a few steps to avoid any mistakes while planning for home décor and executing it. Here in this article, we will discuss some such dos and don’ts to consider while you are planning for home improvement.

1. Don’t hang any small art pieces on large walls

It is good to have artworks displayed on your walls, but you need to be mindful about the proportion. If your wall is small, then try to hand smaller art pieces on it. If the wall is large, then you have to look for bigger pieces of art to fill the space. If you tend to hand something smaller onto the large walls, then ultimately the bare space around the artwork will make it feel dwarf. This may ultimately give it a silly and disproportionate finish. On the other hand, if you try to hand a large piece of art on a smaller wall, then it will overwhelm the wall space and make the room much smaller than it is.

2. Do hang curtains wide and high on the windows

Choosing good variants of the hanging curtain is also an artistic approach to home décor. Where and how you place curtains can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your rooms. Using it the right way will give a grand and bright look to your interiors, whereas the wrong choices may look it fee more congested and awkward. So, expert advice is to hang the windows curtains as high as possible to make the room felt taller. Try to hand them as wide and far as possible. When the curtains get opened fully, they should barely cover the first few inches on the top. This approach will make the room look much larger and wider.

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Let’s get back to the home décor tips.

3. Don’t use disproportionate rugs for your space

As in the case of windows and door curtains, you need to consider the area rugs also very carefully.  You may not add rugs which are too small or too large for your space. Make sure that the rug edges are always floating under the furniture for a few inches at least or extend beyond those furniture. Smaller rugs may make the room look like a dwarf. 

4. Do use various textures

In order to keep things interesting and fun in home décor, you may always try to mix and match different textures and hues. You may try a find mix of fluffy, soft, leather, woven, heavy, sequins, light, etc. This ultimately creates a visual treat for eyes instead of a plan and boring look. It's better to mix many textures to make it more effective. However, it is always suggested to get expert advice while planning for this mix of textures for the best outcome.

Most importantly, use the colors accordingly while executing home décor. This may be overwhelming sometimes as people are most of the times confused with decorating with colors. If you are afraid or experimenting with colors and want to choose a neutral shade, at least try to add color pops. Expert advice can really help you choose the best combination as colors play a crucial role in giving you the best finish in terms of home decor. Going with the boring plain may not always be good, but try to move brave and bring varieties.