Australians love to entertain outdoors and why not? We are blessed with a wonderful climate, and there’s nothing better to enjoy the ambience of a pleasant evening with friends and family.

If you take the time to plan your alfresco pergola area with entertaining in mind, you will find that you will enjoy your social get-togethers and family events much more than you otherwise would. Here are some key things to consider when styling your pergola area for entertainment.

1.Be practical in your design. Your alfresco design doesn’t just have to look good, it has to be functional. How many people will you usually expect to entertain? Will your outdoor furniture seat enough people comfortably? Do you hate running back and forth to the kitchen?
Consider these factors.  Choose your decor accordingly. Incorporate a barbecue area in your pergola if necessary. Maybe even investigate the possibility of using an outdoor bar cart to keep those drinks handy and cool.

2.Think about the positioning of your furniture. Points to consider here are viewing possibilities and the direction of the sun. If you anticipate regularly entertaining in the evening or late afternoon, the position of the sun becomes critical. Having furniture situated in a spot that looks directly into the setting sun will not be practical or comfortable.

3. Select quality furniture. Outdoor furniture should be both comfortable and able to withstand the elements. Additionally, it’s worth considering furniture that can be multi-purposed. Bench seating that can be utilised as storage space, side tables that can be used for additional table places and extra stools that can be used for seating. The important thing here is to select furniture that will work with your space and complement your entertainment needs.

4.Think about your entertainment preferences. It’s your space, after all. How do you like to entertain?  A large outdoor dining table surrounded by comfortable outdoor dining chairs will be required if you prefer to host big sit down meals.  On the other hand, if you prefer smaller gatherings and prefer not to cook, you might prefer outdoor lounge seating that incorporates built in ledges to rest drinks upon.  The choice ultimately rests with you.

5.Consider adding an outdoor heater to give you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space in the winter months. There are several choices here, including electric, gas, strip heating and perhaps fire pit options. The choice will depend upon space, comfort and aesthetics. The key is not to make it an afterthought.

6.Choose to light carefully. What mood do you want to generate? Low voltage floodlights will be glare fee while increasing visibility. The light created by warm white globes will create a more appealing light than that created by cool white globes. Solar lighting can also be a practical and environmentally-friendly choice.

Outdoor decking Sydney is a part of the Sydney lifestyle. Structure and plan your pergola deck, patio or pergola area for the most enjoyment from the start makes good sense.