Water heaters have the tendency to break and stop working over time. When they break, they can not only quit heating your water, but they can also cause fire hazards, water leaks, and more. In this article we’re going to answer the question “Why call a licensed local plumber when your water heater breaks?”. Why are we going to answer this? Because you need to know what to expect, and know why it may be better than replacing your water heater yourself.

Certified and Licensed
Making sure your local plumber is licensed and certified like Ace Contractors Plumbing is the dominant reason why it’s better than replacing or working on the water heater yourself.  When your plumber arrives, don’t hesitate to ask if they are licensed and insured, and if they have a service guarantee. Many plumbers who are certified and have an incredibly good reputation in the area will also often have warranties of their services, so that if there is any problems with the work performed, they will be able to replace or work on the issue free of charge.

Why Local?
While you may not want to go with a local plumber, this is often the better bet when you’re needing a plumber to fix your broken water heater, whether it be replacing it, or just simply repairing it. Why? That’s easy. The farther a plumber has to drive for a job, they are going to charge you for that mileage, or for the trip in general. 

By hiring a local plumber, you may end up having to pay less when it comes to fees, and this could also lower the price of your contracted job and still get you the same high quality of service. Keep in mind though, that plumbers generally have a higher radius than most people would and if you are in their general service area (even if it’s a town near you), you may still get charged a “local” fee instead of a traveling fee.

Is Your Problem Electrical or Can a Plumber Fix it?
Many plumbers will do an initial investigation and consultation. Some of them won’t even bill you. The reason for this, is because when it comes to water heater repair, they want to make sure they can do the job. Otherwise, they may have to refer you to an electrician for electrical repair. However, plenty of plumbers are also trained and certified to a certain extent in both areas so they can actually increase the amount of jobs they are qualified for.

While many people make it harder than it seems to be, finding a local plumber is actually pretty easy. With today’s technology, we no longer have to rely on the yellow pages of the phone book so that they can find a plumber. They can even use the internet on their devices, open up something like Google Maps, or a good website such as Angie’s List, Craigslist, or even social media, and find a high rated plumber in the area. Make sure that when you do, that you check their reviews, testimonials, and more to ensure that you get a plumber that knows what they’re doing well.