Most homeowners don’t want to think about plumbing repairs until the day they absolutely have to get something repaired, at which point it ends up costing them an exorbitant amount of money. 

What a lot of people don’t realize is that if they would stay on top of regular maintenance and simple repairs, it could end up saving them a lot of money in the long run. It could help them avoid large repairs, keep their water working as efficiently as possible, and take care of or prevent any leaks from happening. In order to save money in the long run, there are a few plumbing tricks you can follow. 

Clean Your Drains on a Regular Basis 
When you allow things like food, sewage, trash, hair, and other gunk to build up in your drains you will more than likely create a clog. If a pipe clogs too often or is not taken care of quickly, it will end up leading to your pipes busting. Plumbers recommend you clean your drains every other month so you do not have any extra damage, but if you do not know how to clean your drains alone, just hire a licensed plumber to help you out – it’s worth the small amount money to be proactive.

Patch Those Cracks and Leaks
You may walk through the house and notice small patches in your floor, roof, or wall that are slightly wet, and although it may seem like nothing more than rainwater, it can actually be a much more serious issue. Especially if the problem is not resolved quickly. 

Even the tiniest leak in a pipe that only allows a few drops of water through can waste up to two gallons of water a day, which is a waste of money. It can also lead to serious issues very fast – your drywall, which is a foundational element of your home, could be at risk. The faster the small crack or leak is taken care of, the less likely you are to waste a ton of money or end up with a serious plumbing problem! 

Install Low-Flow Toilets
Hire a licensed plumber to install low flow toilets, which are designed to reduce water. It cuts water usage by 15% to 20% per flush. A low flow toilet is an easy way to cut down on how much water you use when you use in the bathroom, and the installation pays for itself within a couple of years. 

Upgrade Your Shower Heads
Install a water-saving shower head so you can cut how much water you use by 50% every time you take a shower. Once a water-saving showerhead is installed, you will notice a significant difference in how much you are paying on your water bill every month, all while still maintaining the same (or better) water pressure as your old shower head. You can even spend a couple more minutes in the hot shower every morning, knowing that you’re still saving water. 

Any of these options will save you money every month and in the long run on your plumbing expenses!