Sliding compound miter saws are a very popular tool when it comes to professional quality projects, as well as even some DIY home projects. But there are many things to consider when using a sliding compound miter saw because they are not only more dangerous if improperly used, but also, they’re a little tricky to use to get a correct cut every time. Because of this, we’re going to give you some tips for operating a sliding compound miter saw.

The Blade is Everything
When using a sliding compound saw, you want to make sure that depending on what job you need to do, and what you are cutting, you need to have blades that last a long time and use the blade for the job you are using. Don’t ever use overheated, burnt up blades, or even duller blades according to this resource.

Use the Lock
Almost all of sliding compound miter saws have an arm lock. Once you actually get your cut set up and the adjustments completed, always be sure to lock the saw down so that you will continuously have perfect cuts as well as safety. Don’t tighten the locking mechanism’s screw too tightly though, because you can strip it and cause it to not work anymore.

Use Extensions
Sliding compound miter saws that are being used for extremely long boards need to have extra support, and by that we don’t mean for the saw itself, but for the boards. There are a few saws that have extensions which slide out on the sides, otherwise you can make one by utilizing your saw table’s length, or other items to ensure that your board doesn’t rock or tilt when using the sliding compound miter saw.

Tape it Shut
You can use masking tape in order to reduce splintering made by using a miter saw. This will help when you are cutting because it can help cover the ends of the wood so splintering may not be as prominent, especially when exiting a cut, which is when most splintering actually takes place.

Crown Molding is King
One good thing is that sliding compound miter saws are excellent for making is crown molding. You can set the saw at a 45-degree angle, then cut the corners. If the boards are wider, you can easily use the sliding mechanism to complete the cuts. Sliding compound miter saws often are excellent because you can start of closer to the saw itself, then slide it as you cut in order to complete your cut which is further out (and sometimes harder to reach for a regular compound miter saw).

Conclusion: Don’t Forget the Manual
If you end up having any sort of trouble and need to troubleshoot, sometimes the best thing you can do is read the owner’s manual of your saw. Generally, every power tool, and even just about every miter saw comes with a manual. Not only this, but you can also find many power tool manuals online if need be. And remember, safety is the most important aspect of using your power tools, especially saws as they can be extremely dangerous if not fatal when handled improperly.