Moving to a new house can be carried out easily with the least number things to shift along. So, the best thing to do is sort out the things that are useful and are a must to take with you rest of the things you should leave at your older home or sell off. 

Once you plan and made up your mind on what you want to take along hire Movers to make your shifting quicker and convenient. With moving companies, you will not have to worry about the transport system and the safety of things. They are highly experi-enced in this work and trained professionals serve you with the right guidance.

Now, the question arises what to take along and what not?

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Items To Leave Behind Before Shift-ing:

While moving and sorting what to take along, check if it's worth to bear such a huge expense to shift the thing or to buy a new one. Go through the list of 10 items that you should never carry along.

1. Old Clothes:
Clothes that have been lying in your wardrobe from quite some time and you are not going to wear, should be added to the dona-tion list.

2. Eatables:
Make sure not to carry the eatables along. There are higher chanc-es it won't reach safe or some perishable goods might get rotten up and others may spill. It's good to finish them off before moving, have a home party or a serving for the needy rather than planning to carry them with you.

3. Fixtures
Bathroom fittings, light fittings, lights or ceiling fans should be left intact and you can take its additional cost while selling your home rather than taking along. It requires a lot of effort to remove the fix-tures and not all of them can be carried without breakages. So it's better to get rid of them then and there. 

4. Old School Furnishing:
Selling your old furniture that can no more fit for the new look of your new house is best rather than carrying it to the new place and then thinking what to do about it. It may include dining tables, study tables, dressing tables, beds or wardrobes.

5. Cosmetics:
Not all the cosmetics in our washroom cabinet or dressing rooms are of use. Sort them out properly on what to carry and how im-portant it is? Avoid taking glass bottles it may break down in the transportation.

6. Old Toys :
We have a huge collection of toys of our kids and they hardly see to it. Get them off there or distribute it amongst the poor children. When they do not touch it here there are least chances they would feel good about it in their new room.

7. Wall Hangings:
Carry only the expensive and antique things that add to your home decor. Leave the things behind that may not fit the outlook of your new house.

8. Kitchenwares:
Not all the things in your present kitchen are useful. Clear up the mess here itself and carry only the essentials. No broken or dam-aged crockery required. Surplus utensils may be added to the do-nation or exchange list. 

9. Empty Off Your Bars:
Not all the transport or moving companies allow you to carry your open wine bottles along. It's good to plan accordingly. Do not cre-ate a new stock and empty off the older ones before you shift.
Check Out For Your Garages And Store Rooms:
These places of our home are often filled with useless things. Take some time out to find only the important things from your indoors and outdoors. If you find everything is unnecessary, do not bother to leave everything behind.

Final Words:
Sort, pack and shift. Make your moving happy, carefree and saves a lot of time.