It’s only natural to be concerned about safety and security when it comes to your home environment - not just for the sake of yourself, but for your whole family. Luckily, there are a few measures you can employ to protect your home and it’s occupants - and, one of these is via installing screen doors. 

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What follows is an exploration of home safety tips and how screen doors fit into this equation. 
Securing your front entry
Unlocked windows and doors are the most popular entry point for thieves (as reported in an AIC survey). Often it’s a matter of just a few seconds that you might leave this area unattended and unfortunately, that can be enough for intruders to have entered your home. 
Therefore, it’s always important to secure your front entry. One of the best ways to do this is via screen doors. They provide an extra and improved layer of protection by way of a metal mesh screen that is positioned in front of your regular hardwood door (usually also equipped with a patterned grille). With a security screen door, you have the ability to let light and air flow into your house whilst still remaining safe and secure from potential burglars. 
If you think you don’t really need a security screen door, then just think about how easy your regular front door could be kicked in or busted open. Older hollow-core doors and simple doorknob locks are like beacons for opportunistic thieves. 
Also, the very fact that you haven’t taken the initiative to secure your front entry properly speaks volumes about the likely very poor state of security in your entire property. Basically, your home looks like a ‘sitting duck’ to anyone who might consider ‘risking it for a quick score’. 
Providing back up to other security systems
Security screens add an extra layer of protection to existing security systems in your home - creating that second barrier between your property and uninvited guests. Whether you have security fencing, different types of safety bollards or other forms of protection, physical forms of security act as the ‘fail-safes’ to additional mechanisms.
You really can’t afford to overlook the importance of security screens (even when you have other forms of protection set-up eg. alarm systems). A lot of alarm systems have 24/7 monitoring, but it is possible that your connection to your alarm monitoring headquarters can fail. In this case, you will still have your trusty security screen doors in place - no matter what happens. 
Keep in mind that security screen can be added to all points of entry(including of course windows). Securing all of these areas is always advisable in protecting your home against the risk of break-ins and burglary. 
Security screen door standards
By now, you will most likely be sold on installing security screens in your home. Assuredly, you have never made a wiser decision! But, before you ‘go ahead and jump in’, you should always make sure the products you are looking at comply with Australian Standards (AS)
This incorporates a number of tests and material protocols. Also, look into safety concerns that may or may not be relevant to your area - particularly in relation to bushfire prevalence and cyclone debris protection. 
Having peace-of-mind is of paramount importance these days, with instances of home invasions and break-ins seemingly always on the rise. Security screen doors are the ‘tried-and-tested’ and cost-effective solution to protect you and your family from intruders. There are always a lot of methods for improving home safety, but arguably security screens provide the most reliable option overall.