LOOP-LOC has been manufacturing an extensive line of luxury vinyl pool liners for over 13 years—in more than 30 colors and patterns! The company recently added two brand new embossed liners to their collection—Royal Navy Glistening Palms and Midnight Slate. These amazing textured liners will transform a pool into a work of art and serve as the centerpiece of the backyard with their brilliant sparkle and illusion of motion.

Their Royal Glistening Palms liner is reminiscent of the soothing rustling of palm leaves that can be viewed on a remote island retreat. The elegant Midnight Slate design is the epitome of sophistication! It features a textured slate finish infused with blue iridescent inks that evokes the image of a shimmering rocky seashore. 

These two gorgeous liners join LOOP-LOC’s most recently introduced pool liners—Quartz Flagstone, Indigo Sunrise, Samos, and Naxos. Quartz Flagstone is infused with blue iridescent inks for a calming effect. Indigo Sunrise mimics the look of summer sunlight—featuring beautiful mosaic depictions of the sun with dark indigo ripples. Samos, named after a Greek Isle, conjures up the magic of the warm and glorious waters of the Aegean Sea. Naxos, named after the home of the Greek god Zeus, recalls images of the soft, gentle waters of the Aegean Sea with quite a powerful style statement.

And, for those pool owners who still want more options to choose from, check out these favorites! Shimmering SeaWaves is like a trip to the beach. This fully textured, embossed liner with a navy-blue base mirrors ocean waves that sparkle in the sunlight. Thinking about an island getaway? The Opalescent Blues liner features a range of shimmering blue hues that are simply breathtaking. Bring an aura of sophistication to the pool with the multicolored Luminous Soul pattern—which is infused with white, blue, and lavender shades—to relax and calm exuberant swimmers. A Zen household will benefit from the rich look of the bronze iridescent inks in Bronze Reflections—a combination of a luxurious glow with a soft shimmer. The Silver Cloud liner will make swimmers feel as if they are viewing a spectacular night sky. Nature lovers may opt for the Moonstone liner. This white, golden sand bottom reflects the light of the sun and adds a beautiful layer of brilliance to a pool. And, sophisticated pool owners need look no further than Platinum Onyx. Its black base will up the level of mystery and sophistication surrounding any pool. 

When pool owners choose PearlEssence™ liners, their backyard will turn into a private getaway—making lasting memories with family and friends! Their designer offerings allow pool owners to choose the liner that best fits their pool. They are made of a high quality, virgin vinyl liner—in 20 mil. or 28 mil. thickness—that will protect the pool for many years. Plus, they are designed to accommodate pools with unusual shapes or amenities such as steps, tanning ledges, benches, or a swim-up bar Entertaining is a breeze with LOOP-LOC’s luxury liners!