You might think a privacy fence is unnecessary, unless you’re an individual with dual passions for nude sunbathing and not offending the neighbors – and in that case, it really is necessary! 

All jokes aside, everyone could do with a privacy fence… including (and especially) nude sunbathers. Almost all individual homes and families would benefit from a privacy fence in their garden. 

The reasons why are numbered many – so we’ll lay out a few of the best ones here.

1) More Privacy = Better Leisure Time 

The clue is in the name: privacy fences keep your property and garden away from prying eyes. This means that family activities in your outdoor space will be much more relaxing. 

Whatever you decide to do in your garden will be out of sight of nosy neighbors and passers-by. This means that, even in a fairly busy suburban area, your family garden will have the calm atmosphere of a country property. 

No matter what you do in your family garden, whether it’s enjoy a dinner al fresco with close friends, sunbathe (nude or not!) on a hot day, or fill up a paddling pool for the little ones, you’ll know you’re doing it in seclusion. 

2) You Can Trust Your Kids are Safe 

If you’re a parent of a young family, you’ll know how hard it is to navigate two of the most pressing wishes for your kids: you want them to enjoy the outdoors in relative freedom, but you also want them to be safe.

If your family garden is without a fence, it can be very uncomfortable to let your kids play in it without supervision. However, once a privacy fence is put up, you won’t have to fear anymore.

Your children can run around your front or back garden unsupervised, without you having to worry whether they’ll wander out into traffic. Even better, they’ll be out of sight of any strangers – and free to enjoy play outside. 

3) Increased Security 

Most people lock the doors of their home at night; but many of the very same people just don’t think about installing a fence. This is purely baffling – a fence provides an additional layer of security for all the valuables of your home; not to mention the people who live in it. 

Fences simply make it harder for any aspiring burglars to get in. A deterrent like that can make all the difference between a house being targeted or not. 

Why would a burglar go for a property with a privacy fence, when there’s similar house three doors down without one? Most would rather choose not to scale a fence. 


Privacy fences aren’t just about keeping dangers out – they can also be about bringing some beauty in. A good privacy fence, like those provided by this fence company in Fort Worth TX, will add some significant charm to your home and garden. 

A fence can really add that final touch to make your home feel like your castle. You can choose a fence that stands out from the crowd, but that fits in with the overall style of your garden. For example, a nice wooden fence in a deep color can add a warming rustic feel. 

If you’re particularly green-fingered, a fence gives you an opportunity to experiment with crawling plants that’ll add some color to your garden space.

Increase the Value of Your Property 

It sounds too good to be true – but you best believe it! A privacy fence can really increase the value of your property. 

More people than ever before are looking to choose a home with a privacy fence. Most people want a place to live and raise their family in some privacy, even if they don’t seek the sanctuary and solitude of the deep country. 

Because of this, adding a privacy fence to your home can increase the value of your property a great deal. It can be a feature that can really sway a buyer, and so the property market values its inclusion in a home accordingly – upping your house price a fair bit!