When it comes to maintaining the value of your home, the most important thing you can do is keep its fundamental structures clean. The roof is a significant investment, and replacing it can be very expensive. So, protecting it should be your priority to ensure its long lifespan.

The problem is, most people don’t pay attention to the ceiling until unwanted leaks happen. Dark stains on your roof can diminish the beauty of your landscape and property. They are usually caused by algae, lichens, and moss that will affect its functionality and appearance.

But, to prevent this issues, you need to clean the outside of your house properly. Maintaining your home’s exterior is one of the improvements that will give you best return on your investment. Hiring a cleaning contractor is an affordable, safe and fast way to get best results.

1. Stop Damage from Progressing
Replacing your roof is very expensive, and nobody wants to do it frequently. If you notice that it is dirty, bear in mind that the black streaks are an accumulation of algae, mildew, mold, and dirt. You should take this problem seriously because they can accumulate more moisture that will damage the material of this essential structure.

You will start experiencing issues when it penetrates into your house. The worst part is that it creates a perfect habitat for mold that can cause respiratory and health problems. Getting rid of it is not easy, so you should learn how to remove it from walls properly. Spending some amount of money on roof cleaning can save you from high expenses of repairs or even replacements.

2. Prevent Roof Algae
Algae is much more than just a negative aesthetic effect on this structure. Actually, the limestone filler that is used in shingle products is the thing that algae's use to feed. You may think it cannot do any damage to the property, but if you don’t regularly maintain your roof, algae can create serious issues. 

If you leave it to spread, you will experience multiple negative effects on your house. It will lower energy efficiency which will increase air conditioning bills. To avoid this situation, learn more about differences between roof cleaning methods so you can make an informed decision when choosing which cleaning contractor to hire.

3. Roof Cleaning is Difficult but Necessary
The cleaning process of your home’s top is not an easy job. To successfully maintain this structure, you must find the right products. If you fail in this, it could lead to damage that forces an expensive replacement or repair. The proper procedure and chemicals won’t harm your home, but the wrong ones will.

If you cannot afford to hire a professional to clean your house, you should do it yourself. Learn more about consumer grade roof cleaning products before you purchase them. Make sure to take all safety measures and protect yourself from these chemicals by wearing goggles, masks, and gloves. 

4. Increase the Property Value
Curb appeal is essential if you want to sell your home. Having dirty and stained roofing will create suspicion in the buyer’s mind, and they will probably decide that they don’t want it. No matter how much you try to repaint your outside walls or beautify your lawn, a dirty exterior undermines all the positive stuff. 

People will always focus on these stains when they create the first impression. To easily avoid this situation, you should read more about roof maintenance tips and prolong its life. When the outside of your house is beautiful, you will have more chance to sell it to the potential buyers. You could also hire a cleaning contractor to keep your exterior nice and neat because it is much cheaper than a full structure replacement. 

5. There Might Be Algae You Cannot See
Many homeowners don’t want to regularly maintain the house’s top because they think it is clean enough. But, when algae start to grow, in the early stage of life it is invisible which means it can be on your roof even though you cannot notice it. In fact, by the time you can see them, they are probably in an advanced stage of growth and already made a high level of damage to your roofing.

To prevent this situation, most experts recommend you should schedule an inspection every 3 years, during the spring or fall. However, if you notice algae growing on this structure, you should take immediate action to solve this problem so it won’t become bigger. Although they may be affecting only one area, it is more likely that they cover the entire ceiling. If the high amount of damage is already done, and there is nothing you can do to solve the problem, you should consider building a flat roof as a cheaper solution.

If the outside of your house looks a lot older than it actually is, it is time for the cleaning process. People might take this lightly because they are focusing on the home's interior. But, the exterior of your home is exposed to all potential buyers, and it will reflect on your image when they are making the first impression. 

Not only that, there are others issues such as the huge leak or soaring bills that are difficult to deal with. And replacing the entire roof or repairing it can be very expensive. So, the cheapest and easiest solution is to clean this area properly and regularly. It is necessary if you want to increase the value of your home, and have a beautiful property to show so you can sell it as soon as possible.  

In most cases, thorough cleaning can bring this basic structure back to life and make it look new again. It will save you thousands of dollars and add years to the life of the roof. Having it inspected every three years and professionally cleaned on a regular basis not only maintains appearances, but it will also ensure your roof will protect you and your household for years to come.