Wood floors require to be refinished if they are dirty or if they have become old or even they have been soiled up. It can be a tiresome exercise because there are floors that are hard to refinish. Therefore before refinishing one, you should consider the type of floors and what they are made of and the state of the floor to know what method to use for refinishing. 

This article reviews the different methods of refinishing the wood floors.

Clearing the floor
This will be done by first removing carpets from the floor and anything else that could hinder refinishing. If there are any nails on top of the wood, it should be hammered to avoid any disturbances or incidences during refinishing. The floor should then be cleaned using a mop or a vacuum to get rid of unwanted particles that could cause hindrances during refinishing. Unlike other wood floors, the hardwood floor refinishing in fort worth requires regular cleaning of the floors to avoid staining caused by spills.

This will be done by the use of sanders like the drum sanders to get rid of the finish. This process makes a lot of noise and dust therefore, during sanding it is recommended to put a mask on to avoid respiratory complications. Sanding should be done slowly but surely to cover all the areas as possible and to avoid repetition. After the sanding belt is worn out, it should be changed. The second sanding is then done using a floor sander. It helps reach places that weren’t covered by hand. The sandpaper and the disks that are on the sanding machine should be changed. To mark points that have been sanded one can use a pencil to avoid repetition.

After the first and the second sanding, buffing should be done on the floor using a buffer machine to remove stains and to make the scratches that could have been left out from the grits done before balanced. Buffing should be done slowly across the floor. It is recommendable to begin buffing in the middle of a room. This helps to avoid bumping the walls and also leaving unwanted marks and achieve a well blended floor.

Removal of Old Finish
The old finish can be removed by the use of a chemical stripper. If you’re using chemical stripper to remove the wood, you must wear gloves and goggles to avoid contact with the chemical to the area being worked on should be well aerated. After applying the stripper, it should be given some time for it to sink in and completely remove the stains. Strippers are cleaned using different ways therefore, one should be guided by the instructions given. The part of the area should then be allowed to dry up completely before applying the final finish.

Application of New Finish
To hide the nails that were hammered, sawdust should be applied mixed with some white glue then let it dry. The floor should then be cleaned using a vacuum to remove all the sawdust and particles. After the floor has dried up, the stain is then applied using a brush and a wood pad. One should be in gloves and the room should be well ventilated. It is good to apply two coats of the finish and floor should then be left to dry. The third coat of polyurethane should be a applied later by using a roller to give a better outlook. After this coating the floor takes almost a day to dry up well.

The methods above are the best used to refinish wood floors depending on the condition of the floor. Refinishing floors from time to time keeps the floors clean and pleasing to the eyes and hence enhancing the sophistication of one’s home.