Electrical appliances are useful items you need to make your home functional, and most of them are expensive to acquire. You might have come across stories about people who had to replace their electrical appliances due to damage occurring after electrical surges, which by the way happens without warning. 

You could incur massive losses if several of your appliances are caught in the net of electrical disturbances, and due to the financial requirements of acquiring new appliances, it might take you longer to replace or repair those affected. But instead of waiting for all this to happen, there is a solution that will ensure you will never have to worry about your electrical appliances getting damaged by power surges. Here are suggestions you should try.

Surge protecting power strips

Getting surge protecting power strips is probably the cheapest, and quickest, solution you could embrace to protect your appliances. There are power strips that come with a built-in power surge protector, and most of them have a fuse designed to blow when a voltage spike happens. This means the power heading to your appliances is cut and the surge therefore cannot go beyond the power strip.

However, this is not the best solution you could try as in some cases it has been seen to fail depending on the type of strip you are using. Also note that not every power strip you find on the market comes with a surge protector, so while buying inquire to ensure you buy one that is equipped with a surge protector.

Whole-house surge protection 

If you feel the first option above cannot guarantee you protection, your second bet is installing a whole-house surge protector. This is installed at the electrical panel supplying the entire house and is one of the best solutions. Just one surge protector installed will give protection to the entire house, which in my opinion is a better solution as you might have many appliances connected. This form of protection offers better shield against electrical surges, and this is because it is engaged even before the spike moves to the main wiring of your home.

Technically, no disturbances are able to penetrate and thus your electrical appliances cannot get damaged even when there are electrical surges in the mains. Get an expert from richtek electrical in Perth to inspect your home for any possible solutions that will prevent damage from electrical surges.

Talk to your electricity provider to have a meter-mounted protector

Lastly, you could speak to your electricity provider to have a meter-mounted surge protector. This is installed along the incoming electrical line, before the meter. The installation work must be done by an expert certified by the electricity provider and should adhere to the provider’s restrictions and terms.

Protecting your electrical appliances against damage arising from electrical surges is something you should seriously consider as you are not sure when a surge that can damage will happen. Depending on your budget and number of appliances in use, you might find any of the above options perfectly ideal for your case. Also make a point of consulting with a certified electrician to get suggestions for the most suitable solution.