Garbage disposal replacements may or may not be something you can do yourself. Installing a garbage disposal system for its first time is often treated as a do-it-yourself project, though it shouldn’t be. Here are the reasons why you should hire a plumber to install your garbage disposal system.

Understanding the Supporting Infrastructure
If you’re installing a new garbage disposal, you may pick a unit that doesn’t process the volume of material you want. You could make a mistake on the sizing of the unit, whether it will fit under the sink or connect to your dishwasher. You want to hire a plumber to make sure the unit has the right pipes connected to it so that it drains properly instead of clogging.

This is a major reason to hire a plumber to install your garbage disposal. They’ll ensure that the unit is properly connected to drain lines and the dishwasher line, preventing damage to the appliances or anything else under the sink. And they understand the electrical system that powers the garbage disposal, too, so that you don’t accidentally cause the dishwasher to shut down when someone flips the switch to turn it on.

Note that hiring a plumber do to the installation doesn’t deny you your ability to select a unit. You could find a unit you want on, have a professional plumber assess your kitchen’s supporting infrastructure and then verify that it will work for your situation. 

Staying Within the Building Code
In some areas, building codes require that new units are installed by a licensed plumber to be considered legal. If you do it yourself, you risk a ticket when the unit overflows or you clog the city line. If you need to put in new power connections and switches to run a garbage disposal, they require a professional plumber or electrician to do the work, or else you’ll have to fix it or have it reviewed by a pro before you can sell your home.

Shifting Liability
There’s a reason you want the professionals to do it and it isn’t just the fact that they are more likely to do it right. It is the fact that when they do the installation work, they are accepting liability for when things go wrong. If you install it and then pipes burst or things come loose, it is your fault and your expense to clean up. If a professional plumber installs it and something goes wrong, they are legally liable to replace the unit or repair it as well as have their insurance pay for the damages like a flooded kitchen floor. 

You should not try to install a garbage disposal yourself, as you may not be able to properly connect it to drain lines, power sources, and even appliances like your dishwasher. It must be done by a professional if your building codes say new or upgraded garbage disposals must be professionally installed. You need it done by a pro so that they take the risks that come with installation, including the liability if it fails.