There is a lot you can do to make your backyard stand out above the rest. This can include adding flowers, shrubbery and lawn ornaments. However, those are basic additions and have been done many times over. If you really want your backyard to truly stand out and have the neighbors envious, try something new. Here are four awesome ideas to add to your backyard:

1. Revamp your old fire pit to make it eco-friendly

Lots of backyards include fire pits and most of them are generally the same. Replace boring wooden logs with colorful fire glass. There are tons of colors you can incorporate to make your fire pit really stand out. They are eco-friendly, long-lasting and provide a burst of color and a unique element to your fire, creating an almost mystical feel. Wow both kids and adults with this awesome addition. With so many colors and options, the ideas are endless.

2. Add an outdoor bar

There are so many unique ways to add an outdoor bar. It can be as simple as building your own wooden bar, complete with a cooler and outdoor bar stools. You could feature an outdoor bar poolside, or just outside of your backdoor. Make it look extra classy by adding an overhead awning. And, of course, don't forget to add unbreakable glasses to your bar, along with the best accessory of all - the alcohol.

3. Create a unique tree house

Who ever said that tree houses had to be "just for kids"? There are so many fun ways you can add a tree house out back that can accommodate both adults and children alike. Try drawing inspiration from your favorite movies. Instead of a boring, average tree house, create yours to look like a castle straight out of a storybook. Draw inspiration from whimsical fairy tales, adding flowers to the windows of your tree house and use bright, vibrant colors to set your outdoor getaway above the rest. Let your imagination run wild and create something unlike anything else.

4. Add some color and glow

There are a few ways this can be done. If you have a pool, add colored lighting in and around the pool and deck. There are even LED furniture pieces that can be purchased as well as LED planter pots that will really wow any guests. Take up gardening unique and brightly colored flowers and arrange them around your backyard. Look for any type of color-changing lights and incorporate them into your backyard. Let the entire neighborhood be envious of your vibrant backyard at night.

The beauty of owning your own home is your ability to change-up and decorate your outdoor space. There is no better place to host summer gatherings than your very own, unique backyard. Don't use the average decorating tips - use your imagination and create a truly beautiful place for you, your family and your guests to hang out. Creating an amazing backyard isn't as difficult or as expensive as you may think. When starting out - think small and let your ideas grow with each addition.