When you move into a new home, one of the most pressing issues you may find yourself contemplating is the question of making a space one’s own, that is to say, transforming a space into a place of personal expression and comfort. Some people start by focusing on making the interiors of their home as unique as possible, selecting bright colors to paint their walls with or fill the house with many houseplants to enliven the freshness of the air. 

Other people might choose to paint their front doors a unique color or to plant flowers in their front yard to set their home apart. And yet, when it comes to paint, these solutions simply aren’t as permanent or eye-catching when it comes to the exterior of a given house.

One way that a new homeowner can leave their mark on their property is by choosing to lay a concrete walkway in their front yard. Concrete walkways can make a home look more sophisticated and ensure that a front yard always has a lot of curb appeal regardless of whether or not its lawn is the greenest one the neighborhood. Concrete walkways are the perfect solution for homeowners who have an eye for aesthetics and who also want to add an element to their home that can function as an aesthetic flourish. 

While it’s not terribly difficult to get the job done on one’s own, it is perhaps best to hire experts, especially if you’re looking for elaborate designs – you ought to check out Elite Concrete for all your pavement needs, for example, if you’re seeking breathtaking patterns at affordable prices, they are well known for their ability to cater to idiosyncratic tastes; indeed, the great thing about having a concrete walkway laid in front of your home is that there are many contractors who are able to create a wide range unique patterns on these walkways. These images can mimic marble and other aesthetics that suit the homeowner’s tastes. These walkways are also made from durable concrete which means that they can withstand harsh weather. However, even though walkways made from durable concrete and are able to last for a long time this does not mean that they require little to no maintenance. Nevertheless, here are three tips for maintaining your concrete walkway: 

1. Be Gentle When Shoveling Snow 

In order to keep your concrete walkway looking as new as possible it is probably best to be as gentle as possible when you are clearing snow away from your walkway. Shovels are perfectly fine to use but as you use them to clear away snow you want to be sure that you don’t scratch the surface of your concrete walkway. In general, this is a good tip to apply when using any sharp objects to clear snow off of the surface of your concrete walkway. 

2. Keep Your Walkway Spill Free

Because your walkway will probably see a lot of traffic you want to ensure that any substances that have the potential to stain the concrete such as grease or oil are removed immediately. Some concrete walkways are stain resistant but it does not hurt to extend the life of your concrete walkway between heavy duty maintenance by keeping it free from stains. 

3. Think Twice About Using Rock Salt To Get Rid Of Snow

A concrete walkway is often a valuable investment in your home and you want to be sure that you do all that you can to protect that investment. That said while it is tempting to use something like rock salt to help you get rid of snow in the winter it is best to avoid it for at least the first year after your walkway is installed because rock salt and other chemicals that are used to clear away snow and ice can cause damage to a concrete walkway. It is best to look for other alternatives for clearing ice from your walkway in the event that there is an ice storm that makes it impassable.

With a new and perpetually well-maintained walkway, making your home your own is something that can be easily set in stone.