Always looking for new ways to update your home, but hate the thought of spending a lot of money on home decor items? Repurpose things you already have lying around taking up space! Give your old household products new life in a way that makes a positive contribution to the overall look of your home and the way it represents your personal style. 

Organization on display

● Painted milk crates
By taking old milk crates that you would be tossing in the garbage and painting them a fresh new color, you can stack them anywhere in your home and use them as organizers. They won’t even look like regular old milk crates anymore! 
● Repurposed picture frames
Have a beloved picture frame with broken glass you haven’t gotten yourself to part with yet? Give it a new purpose by turning it into an earring holder or a bulletin board to hold your calendar and to-do lists. 

● Mason jars 
Mason jars are the perfect inexpensive option to organize your things in a way that also looks good. Add some ribbon or burlap to spruce them up, or leave them plain. Use them in your bathroom to organize makeup and toiletries, in your office to hold pens and pencils, or in your kitchen to keep plastic utensils or spices. 

Light fixtures

●Wire baskets
Take a wire basket you no longer use and turn it into a new light fixture for your home. It will give any space an on-trend farmhouse meets industrial chic look. 

● Teacups or drinking glasses
Use chipped or no-longer-used cups and glasses to make quirky, attention-stealing fixtures. Fashion them into a pendant light to hang over a desk or table or use them to achieve more of a can light look. 

● Globes or bowls 
A globe cut in half or a favorite bowl can make a wonderful light fixture and serve as the perfect conversation starter in a room. 

Seasonal/holiday decorations

● Terra cotta pieces for pumpkins or gourds
The orange-brown color of terra cotta plays nicely with the decor trends for the fall season and both the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. Take the pieces from a broken planter and use them to make new seasonal decorations. The pieces can contribute to an adorable pumpkin or gourd to put out on your front porch, in a flower bed, or even on your dining table! 

● Broken CDs for Christmas ornaments
Who says that CDs are dead? Though perhaps they are in the traditional sense, the shiny surface of a CD can lend itself to new purposes in the form of decor. Take an old CD and use its broken pieces to create Christmas ornaments that will catch the festive lights in the reflection of their mosaic look. 

Wall Shelving & Decor

● Ladders
With half of a folding ladder, you instantly have a new shelving unit. Prop it up against a wall in your home and decorate it with books or house plants. Make it any color you’d like by staining it to your preference if it’s wood, or using spray paint if it’s aluminum or another kind of metal. 

● Desk or dresser drawers
Have an old desk or dresser that is no longer needed? Use its drawers to hang on the wall as shelving! They will add dimension to your walls and provide a neat spot to display your things. 

Before you throw out unused items lying around your home, think of ways you may be able to repurpose them. Give what was once thought of as junk a new life by transforming it into decor for the home!