When you put plants along your property line, you help to increase the privacy of your yard. In addition, you normally don't have to worry about height limits. If you do not have a very big area to work with, consider using an Italian cypress or sheared privet hedge, both of which grow quickly and can help you to create the outside area that you desire.

If you decide on a privet hedge, first dig a trench two feet deep and two feet wide. Put your shrubs in, leaving about a food in between them. Initially, you need to water these shrubs a lot and you should incorporate drip irrigation. They do best with temperatures that stay fairly consistent (not too hot, not too cold). You will also need to trim them back when necessary.

Additional Privacy Measures

Your backyard can be a personal oasis. That is why privacy is so important, and plants like shrubs, vines and hedges can all help you to achieve that goal. However, plants need time to grow. If you are waiting, think about putting up a fence or privacy screen. These products can be very helpful for homeowners that need an immediate privacy solution.


If you want to create a private deck, think about using potted plants. Both clumping bamboo and arborvitae can help to create a natural screen. If possible, your pots need to be up on casters. You want to be able to move them when necessary. If casters are not possible, try to ensure the pots are not very heavy.

Small Areas

There are many smaller areas that homeowners may want to screen in. For example, it works well for a patio area or even an outdoor kitchen. When you close in these spots, you create an area where you can immerse yourself in the outdoors while still having a bit of privacy.

For your patio, consider putting up a wooden pergola with slats on the top. Allow vines to grow around the pergola. For your raised deck, try adding fixed lattice panels.


If your home is quite close to an adjoining yard, or if your neighbors are simply loud individuals, you may be disturbed by voices throughout the day. You could also be close to a highway or a piece of loud equipment that makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors.

In these cases, think about putting in a fountain. It can help block out unwanted noise and can be as big or as small as you would like.

Potting Shed

Buying a potting shed can really improve the look of your garden for you and your family.