Tampa, Florida has lived in the shadow of glamorous Miami for decades, but in 2022 it is quickly becoming the hottest real estate market in Florida.  Due to its booming business district and white-sand beaches, Tampa, Florida is an area of the country that has seen a double digit increase in housing prices.  With the dramatic rise in home prices and the plethora of buyers, now is the perfect time to upgrade your Tampa home and get it ready to sell.  Installing popular upgrades in your backyard is a great way to increase your home’s marketability and sales price.   Here are several backyard upgrades that home buyers are willing to pay top dollar for.  

Provide Shade

Florida has its share of excessively hot summer days that can make anyone want to stay inside.  You can make your outdoor space much more enjoyable and appealing to buyers by adding a shade element to your backyard.  Many homeowners enjoy an extended roof over their deck to provide shade.  This creates the perfect indoor outdoor area to put down a rug, add a few seating options and a bit of outdoor decor.  You can also add a permanent shade structure with a pergola or gazebo if there is enough room in your backyard.  More moveable options that still create shade are awnings, canopies, and oversized umbrellas.  

Install a Pool

Tampa, Florida may be home to beautiful white-sand beaches but that doesn’t mean home buyers aren’t looking for a backyard swimming pool.  In fact, the South Atlantic region of the United States saw a 63% increase in the value of swimming pools since the start of the COVID pandemic.  What kind of in-ground pool are home buyers looking for?  Along with basic rectangular swimming pools home buyers are interested in geometric, circular, and L-shaped pools.  In-ground pools can also have a sunbathing deck, waterfalls, or attached hot tub for an even bigger boost to your backyard oasis. 

Make Room for a Deck

While home buyers in other areas of the country are interested in upscale hardscaping or a hot tub, home buyers in Florida are interested in a pool deck that is in top condition.  This means some type of deck either made of wood or concrete that surrounds the pool and provides added space for lounging, relaxing, or entertaining.  In addition to decking around the swimming pool, you can create an outdoor living space with an elevated deck and lower patio combination.  Elevated decks are the perfect area for an outdoor living space complete with multiple seating areas.  Combinations of an outdoor couch, chairs, and center piece such as a coffee table or fire pit are popular items to add to your deck.  

Go Artificial

A home with pristine curb appeal draws in potential home buyers and can increase your home’s sale price by 7%.  But home buyers aren’t looking for over the top landscaping or hard to care for flower gardens.  Instead, today’s home buyers want easy to maintain eco-friendly landscaping.  One way to freshen up your yard and keep water use at a minimum is with artificial turf.  The South Atlantic region has seen a major uptick in interest around artificial turf.  Florida in particular has seen a 33% increase in the estimated value of artificial grass landscaping.  Artificial turf can be installed around your in-ground swimming pool for easy lawn care and a polished look.  

Add a Fire Pit

Few things are more relaxing than a night under the stars with the sound of a crackling fire in the background.  Homeowners took notice of the peaceful quality a fire pit adds to their backyard oasis during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Over 76% of real estate agents surveyed said a fire pit was a top backyard upgrade in their market.  Of course the firepit is just the centerpiece of the upgrade.  To truly make it a top upgrade you’ll need to add comfortable seating for you and your guests to relax.  These can be as simple as a set of adirondack chairs or as luxurious as a pair of outdoor couches with matching lounge chairs, accent pillows, and end tables.  Whether you opt for a simple seating arrangement or more elaborate you’ll want your fire pit to be easily accessible.  Many homeowners are installing stone walking paths complete with walkway lights or a border of low-maintenance plants.  

Upgrading your backyard can enhance the value of your home.  It can also attract buyers.  Speak with a trusted real estate agent if you are considering selling your Tampe home.  He or she can advise you on the most popular upgrades in your area.