Consider copper if you’re in the market for a redesigned kitchen or want to replace your kitchen sink with a durable, attractive option. Many buyers think of stainless steel for their kitchen sink and don’t branch out to find that copper can be a superior option. You may find you’re one of the first people you know to purchase copper, but you definitely won't be the last once your friends and relatives see what you chose.

Here are a few things you need to know about copper sinks and how they can instantly upgrade your kitchen:

1. Copper sinks are antimicrobial and easy to clean

The bottom of the kitchen sink is typically one of the germiest places in the home. The food particles on a sink will breed bacteria almost instantly. You don’t want to do dishes or food prep in an unsanitary sink. Copper is naturally antimicrobial and kills most germs instantaneously, ensuring that your sink is always sanitary. Copper will also kill odor-causing germs and keep your kitchen smelling great.

When you need to wash your copper sink, you can just wipe it out with a rag, mild soap, and warm water. It’s that simple. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals, or you could harm the copper. 

2. They are customizable and only get better with age
Copper sinks come in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can purchase them in top mount or under mount. You can also choose between workstations, farmhouses, and dual sinks. Copper has more customizable color options than stainless steel to allow you to match it right to your kitchen décor.

Some people will purchase an old copper sink at an antique store and install it in their home. That’s because copper has a beautiful aging effect called the patina, making it look more rustic, unique, and beautiful with time. If you ever want to restore your sink to a like-new appearance, you can get it refinished.

3. They are durable and self-healing

Copper is a more durable metal than stainless steel and will last for many years. It is also self-healing, so any scratches or light stains will fade naturally into the patina over time. You can save money on repairs and guarantee the sink keeps its value. 

4. Copper sinks are a superior design option

In addition to all the advantageous features of a copper sink, it’s also an excellent design option. It will upgrade your kitchen and increase the value of your home, especially when done as part of a kitchen remodel. You will find that your kitchen stands out as more sophisticated and put together with a copper sink. 

Consider a Copper Sink for your Next Kitchen Remodel

You can purchase a copper sink online, where you will find many design options in one place for you to match your preferences and kitchen esthetic. Knowledgeable sales staff can answer your questions right in the messenger and send samples to your home for you to color match your kitchen.