The trend in the design of outdoor furniture is marked by the needs of architects, interior designers and professionals in the sector: designer furniture, comfortable and that can be left outside all year, with easy cleaning and maintenance without compromising aesthetics. 

A beautiful winter day, one of those cleans days when you want to go outside. It's unusually hot, you want to go out to the garden and relax in the sun and take advantage of that little time of relaxation, just before sitting on the garden sofa, you find the cushions dirty, full of dust, pollen and something damp from the last rain. 

Anyway, you had 5 minutes to relax, but you ended up turning around and thinking about the work that will mean having to clean the cushions again, one more time. This is a reflection that many people have had before moving on from the screen and deciding to buy some cushions with waterproof fabrics, easy to clean. And obviously could not sit there. The result was that while you had to relax was spent cleaning up the couch cushions, not being able to enjoy this noon.

Aesthetic and Easy to Maintain
The trend of design outdoor furniture will increasingly towards two stadiums: simplicity in cleaning and maintenance, and aesthetics. And the trend in the design of garden furniture, also marked by the needs of decorators and professionals in the sector, goes this way, designer furniture, comfortable and that can be left out all year round, with easy cleaning. More and more, the classic rattan with acrylic or polyester cushions is being replaced by furniture upholstered in nautical fabrics, either totally or partially. 

There are already very innovative fabrics on the market, with a more natural visual appearance and with the advantage of impermeability and ease of cleaning: they can be washed with a damp cloth or even with pressurized water. To this characteristic of ease of cleaning, a characteristic that the other cushions and furniture did not have is added, which is the immediacy of cleaning. In less than a minute, you can have your garden furniture completely clean and ready for a great evening outside.

But cleaning and maintenance not only affects the sofas or their elements, but also where they are exposed: whether on terraces or balconies, designers know this and they also know that now robot vacuum cleaners must be taken into account, that is why More and more furniture is being made with the appropriate height of the body of the sofa so that these new elements that are more and more integrated into our lives can pass through.

Simply Classic
The other variable that the outdoor furniture market is having more and more is aesthetics. More and more people are looking to move the environment created inside to the outside to make it more welcoming, comfortable, and that after all, the terrace is an extension of your house and not a separate room that is not part of daily life. That is why manufacturers of such Remarkable Furniture have specialized in this type of design furniture, which provide all the comforts of an indoor sofa to the outside, also giving different added values such as the option of putting elastic on the seats, so that that feeling of comfort that you could have inside, is not lost by the simple fact of being on the balcony or garden. 

Remarkable in both name and nature, outdoor furniture, which ranges from stone and concrete to gorgeous natural wood, adds beauty to your outside environment without breaking the bank. The source great outdoor settings in a variety of materials, giving our customers the flexibility and peace of mind they need. An aesthetic for everyone that is tailored to their specific requirements. With a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from, five outdoor furniture stores, which span three states along the Eastern seaboard, have something for everyone. 

It can create whatever style you choose, whether it's modern, classic, contemporary, industrial, mid-century modern, eclectic, cottage, or Moroccan. But where are the visual trends going? This season, the big firms and designers are focusing the sofas on rounded shapes, whether in backrest, seats or all at once. Naturally, all combinations improve with the combination of cushions of different colors and sizes, to combine with the furniture and give the feeling of comfort, creating games of colors, not only with the outside furniture, but also with the environment and even with the interior elements to give that continuity that is being demanded so much.

Relaxation Mode
Decorating an outdoor space involves more than just furnishing it; calculating the available space and renovating the furniture covers, vacuuming the dust and placing them is only the first step. Don't set yourself creative limits when preparing your exteriors. You can create your own space with two types of furniture that will adapt to any style:

Furniture that needs maintenance: those that are built with natural woods (acacia, pine) are very resistant and have that robust look that we love. They are treated to be durable, but you will have to keep them clean and dry to prevent moisture from spoiling them.
Furniture that does not need maintenance: made of plastic, waterproof textile, steel, artificial wood or aluminum. They have great resistance to corrosion and extreme climates but make sure they have a special treatment to avoid deterioration.

No matter the type, the most important thing is that you choose only outdoor tables, chairs, armchairs, Outdoor lounges and accessories with materials that ensure high levels of resistance to water and weathering. The world of design within the framework of the exterior is increasingly demanding rounded shapes even for the corners, leaving aside the 90º L-shaped compositions, to give a curved finish, also adding a greater depth of sitting, to have a more relaxed or chill-out position and not be so sitting down.