Whether you’ve just moved in or have owned your own place for decades, we all understand that it’s vital for your house to truly feel like a home. There are a wide variety of ways you can add that personal touch, from photos of family & friends to personalized decorations, and we intend to give you a little creative spark with some suggestions in this article, along with the best places to buy what you need.

1: Family Photos.

Although this might seem like a bit of a cliché, it’s one for a reason. Your family are the most important people in your life, and it makes sense that you’d want to see their smiling faces beaming from your walls as you display the most enjoyable moments you’ve spent together. If you use a professional canvas service, you can upload your photos from your phone or social media with ease and have the canvas delivered to your door within only a few days. You don’t have to stick with the boring posed photos, either – pick photos that truly display the personality of your family members and watch your walls come to life!

2: Snazzy Wall Art.

Do you have a favorite type of art? Some people go giddy for modern expressionism, whereas others think that art peaked with the romantics. Regardless of your artistic instincts, we’re pretty sure that you’d be able to find wall art of the type you love ready to be sent straight to your door with only a few clicks of your mouse. And, whilst many printing companies have legal limits on what prints they can offer themselves, there aren’t any laws preventing you from uploading an image from Google on any site that offers personalization. So get experimenting!

3: Get Warm & Fuzzy.

Homes aren’t just about looking good (although that is vital). One of the most important aspects that is often overlooked is comfort – no place will truly feel like a home if you can’t relax properly in it! To that end, we recommend having a browse for those items that can make the little bit of difference. Comfier cushions to sit on, a nicer mattress, maybe even a super-soft throw blanket for those extra cold days? The smallest of touches can make the biggest of differences.

4: Amenity Up!

There are a million different awesome gadgets out there that can make your life a little easier. From kitchen appliances that will make cooking a dream to smart televisions & radios. Whilst these won’t make your house look lived-in, they will make your day-to-day tasks that bit more enjoyable and make relaxing easier. If those don’t sound like good things to you, then I don’t know what else to recommend!

We hope these hints and tips have been great for helping you make a decision on how to turn your house into a home.