The increasingly popular “farmhouse style”, has a special ability to transform any living space, into a cozy and comforting oasis, adding an air of simpler times to any room.

In today’s fast-moving and modern world, it’s apparent that people are seeking out ways to help slow things down a bit. After returning home from a long day of work and responsibilities, the last thing people want is to feel is stiff or out of place. But if the interior design of a space is too modern or just not designed thoughtfully, a person won’t be able to fully relax into their living space and surroundings. 

If you’re someone that just isn’t happy with the current style of your home and are looking for something a bit more comforting to fall into at the end of the day, then the classic farmhouse style might just be the perfect change for you. And the good news is, this cozy and calm style is easy to achieve. 

What is farmhouse style exactly?

Farmhouse style is simple yet comforting. It balances the old world and the new. By keeping old traditions alive in modern living spaces, the rustic style transports a person out of the hustle and bustle of modern life and places them in a comforting space where things are just as they appear to be, without being too showy or extravagant. In a way, farmhouse style is a way for people to connect with nature and go back to their roots.  

This rustic yet modern styling mix is popular because it’s not too cluttered, yet it still has dedicated space for objects that add a bit of the old world into the new. Nothing in a farmhouse style home should be overly dainty or delicate. Farmhouse decor is sturdy and practical, while still remaining thoughtful and elegant.

What makes the farmhouse style unique, is that the decor pieces should almost completely consist of antiques and flea market finds. Each decoration should be unique and tell its own story. 

How to incorporate farmhouse style in your home

First things first. Farmhouse style works best when the walls of a room are white or some other clean, neutral tone. If your wall is not a natural, neutral, or earth tone, pulling off this style probably just won’t work. So before you start with the following suggestions, you’ll first want to start with setting the right wall colors (or lack thereof). 

The dining room and the farmhouse table

The dining room is, after the kitchen, of course, the heart of the home. It’s where you gather with loved ones, serve home-cooked meals, and even sometimes where homework is done or board games are played. A farmhouse table is a must for any rustic yet modern living space. The dining room table, naturally should be large and sturdy but still hold the ability to add elegance and style to the room. One particular farmhouse table on the market today, is even handmade and customizable, allowing you to curate your dining room’s style to fit your exact decor needs – the Farmhouse Table company is undoubtedly a reference in this industry.

A farmhouse table should usually include elements of wood, with the appearance of texture and imperfections. Adding a splash of color to the legs can help liven up a dining room space as well. 

The living room 

Usually the largest space in a home, the living room holds tons of potential for transforming a home into something you’re proud of. For living room spaces, well-loved and used furniture is a must. Similar to the farmhouse table, your side table and coffee tables should be made of wood, but can sometimes have elements of iron or copper as well.

Pieces like old mismatching chairs, and old paint-chipped doors, and simple white, cloth cover couches are popular choices for transforming your living space into the farmhouse charm you’re looking for. Aged mirrors and wooden picture frames can be a nice touch as well. 

The Kitchen

The trusty farmhouse table isn’t the only place in a home where people gather. The kitchen is the essential heart of a home (at least in my opinion it is). The elements that you can add to your kitchen to farmhouse it up a bit are many. A few suggestions include painting your cabinets white, adding stone backsplashes, installing metal light fixtures or hanging exposed bulbs, and finally, topping things off with fresh flowers will never hurt. Ceramic vases or old tin pots placed on countertops can also help add some charm.