Offices now come in different forms, shapes and sizes; we’ve gone way beyond the traditional office space with just a reception, a mailroom, and a few private meeting rooms. These days there’s a variety of different office spaces you can choose from. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect office that’s a super practical and super functional space for your business to flourish. 

Whether you’re renting or buying, your office space you decide on should go hand in hand with your business’s daily operations and the team behind the scenes making the magic happen. Not to worry though...There’s certainly an office out there waiting for you to pick up the key, move swiftly in, and get down to business.  

So let’s explore five of the main office space types that are most popular in today’s current climate. It’s all about knowing exactly what your company requires and exploring the options you have based on your budget and plans. 

Start out with an incubator 
For all the entrepreneurial start ups out there, you’re likely faced with a tight budget, so you need an office space that’s affordable and flexible. Incubators are office spaces specifically designed to provide you with the right industry-related resources, equipment and facilities that your business needs to grow quickly. A start up is the time and place in your journey when ideas and excitement are flying high, so you can also benefit from meeting like-minded neighbours who share similar ambitions. 

Get networking with social coworking 
Coworking office spaces are also a fantastic way to expand your business through networking, but the main difference is that incubators are industry specific. Coworking offices on the other hand usually cater to broad business interests all in the one same space. There you’ll benefit from networking and collaborating with fellow companies, and they’re also super user-friendly offices that come ready and fully equipped. 

Benefit from ready-to-go serviced offices
Serviced offices are another option for when you want a space fully ready to move in with everything you need. They usually operate as a pay-per-desk scheme and you’ll also have access to shared facilities and amenities like a manned reception and tech/admin support. You’re also not tied down to a long-term lease if the office isn’t what you expected. Value your freedom because you never know what’s around the corner for your plans.

Lease your own office for privacy
Perhaps you might benefit from going down the more traditional route with leasing your very own office. This is the best option for already established companies with a budget at the higher end of the scale. Despite the higher costs, the benefit of having your private space that you can do what you want with speaks for itself. You’ll also have full control and it’s also nice to have a sense of stability too. 

Solve short-term solutions with flexible offices
If you’re unsure and worried about signing a long term contract, you could alternatively look into flexible office options. There’s plenty of real estate companies out there that now tailor their services to find you a new office space that matches up with your current business plans, no matter how short term they are. Flexibility is the way forward when there’s so much uncertainty in the air.