Have you been thinking about switching up the look of your great room by creating a more modern and stylish space? 

Whether you’ve been wanting to do some renovations or exchange outdated decor for something more modern in design, we have plenty of ideas to get you started. 

A modern look is clean, put-together, and chic. It is minimal with a simple design and an appreciation for eclectic decor. A modern look is sleek and stylish, with details that can elevate any space. Keep this in mind as you figure out the look you want to create in your great room, to make it a chic, stylish yet inviting living space. 

Be innovative, get creative, and use this as an opportunity to express yourself through your home. 

If you’ve been considering renovating a few things or switching up the design in your great room, use these ideas for inspiration and get started creating the modern, stylish yet cozy space you have been dreaming of. 

Keep It Minimal 

With a modern design, less is more. 

To successfully create a sleek and stylish modern great room, you have to keep everything minimal. You can’t overdo it on color, decor, or patterns because it will disrupt the entire modern look you are going for. 

For the best results, keep a consistent color palette, invest in functional furniture, and add just enough decor. This will help you create the perfect modern great room for your home. 

Switch Up the Color Palette

To start the transition towards a modern design, you may need to switch up the paint color in this space to match the color palette you decided on for the room. 

Most modern living spaces have a neutral or earth tone color palette, but some include an accent wall to bring a pop of color into the space. Depending on the look you have in mind, you can choose to re-paint your home with a more neutral shade or spend time picking a color for an accent wall or ceiling.

Once the paint is dry and ready to go, you can delve deeper into the modern design you are going to develop in your home. 

Include More Seating Options

To create an inviting and cozy space, while maintaining a modern theme, it is important to utilize seating and turn your great room into a place where family or friends can gather. 

Invest in a durable but comfortable couch, a couple of chairs, and a pouf. Bring in different seating options but be careful not to clutter the space. Look for functional seating, in different shapes to add to the funky, modern style. Find decorative poufs that are versatile, acting as a footrest or a place to sit. 

Utilize more seating in your space, to keep the modern look alive while keeping things inviting and family-friendly. 


Install an Electric Fireplace 

To give your modern great room a cozy but stylish touch, install a modern electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is a perfect addition to any living space, offering functionality and an innovative design. Installing an electric fireplace is easy, with no contractor required. This is a simple yet elegant change you can make, to update the look of your living room and bring the modern style to life. 

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace? 

They come in a variety of styles and designs, to bring elegance into any home 
With the elimination of gas or wood, there is no risk of dangerous fumes, ensuring the health and safety of your entire family 
They are low-maintenance with easier upkeep than your traditional fireplace
This option uses less electricity, keeping you warm during cooler months while keeping your energy costs low 
They are user-friendly and easy to operate with remote control 

Add a Funky Light Fixture

To bring a fun, eccentric essence to your modern great room, bring in a funky light fixture to stand out against the simplicity you’ve created. 

In modern design, it is common to incorporate a hanging light fixture or a floor lamp with a unique style into your living space. The light fixture you pick will bring more detail into the room, shifting it from a simple space to a place with a modern, fun style. 

There are so many options available, to bring an extra detail into your great room that will make it stand out from the rest, with a unique yet modern design. 

Bring in Trendy, Functional, and Stylish Decor 

After you’ve painted the walls, picked out furniture, and installed the fireplace, it is time to focus on smaller details and decor to finish off the modern look of your great room. 

Create a Gallery Wall 

To decorate your great room with a modern style, create a gallery wall and make it the focal point of your living space. It will be eye-catching and captivating, bringing a unique touch to your great room. 

Visit local shops for unique prints to support local artists or shop galleries online, to find the perfect pieces that will be cohesive and work to create an aesthetic and appealing gallery wall. Hang the frames above your couch, over the mantel, or in the dining room space, to bring an eccentric touch to your great room. 

Add Indoor Plants 

To spruce up the decor in your modern great room, invest in some indoor plants to liven up space, bringing in natural tones and greenery. As simple as adding a few plants to your home can be, they are a modern decor staple. 

Find plants that will work best in your space, bringing in earth tones to compliment the neutral color palette you’ve created. Add fresh flowers to your dining room area, making this space more elegant and classy. Bring in larger potted plants, like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Snake plant, for a bold, stylish touch to your great room. Look at smaller plants, like succulents or aloe, for shelving or coffee table decor. You could also add hanging plants, like a Pothos or English Ivy, to add even more detail to the room. 

With greenery and indoor plants, the options are endless so find what you like and works best with the space, to show off your green thumb while bringing life into your home.

Decorate with Mirrors 

To continue adding a modern style to your home, use mirrors to decorate your great room. 

Make sure the mirror or mirrors you choose are an appropriate size for the space of the room, you don’t want it to be too big or too small, but the perfect fit. Oftentimes they are placed above a couch, mantel, or dining table to be a focal point in your great room. You can utilize one large mirror or a bunch of smaller mirrors to create a gallery wall, either way, they will be the perfect piece of decor to add to your living space. 

Utilize Built-In Shelving  

In modern design, it is common to see built-in shelving units being utilized in great rooms to save on space while creating a place for books, decor, or greenery. 

To cover boring, bare walls you can install shelving that extends the length of the entire wall, becoming a focal point in the space to display unique decor. You can create a book-nook with these shelves, creating a cozy reading corner in your modern great room. To bring interest into a simple space, incorporate built-in wrap-around shelves, to captivate guests with shelving and decor that wraps around every corner. 

There are many options available, to give your great room the proper shelving to help you stay organized while displaying books, greenery, or eclectic decor to keep the shelving modern in design. 


Incorporate Cozy Details 

To spruce up your seating area, you need to include cozy details, continuing the modern design by bringing in different textures, textiles, and patterns that are cohesive with your color palette. 

Bring in a simple, patterned area rug to put down in your living space. This will help to make the room cozier, adding soft and textured details to the room. Add throw pillows to your couch, with a funky pattern or simple texture, to add more comfort to this space while bringing in details that accent other pieces of decor in the room. You could also add a cozy throw blanket to the couch, showing that your great room is a place to relax even with its put-together, chic look. 

Adding cozy details to your modern great room will make it more inviting, welcoming family and friends into your living space. They will admire your unique style while appreciating cozy accents that make things feel homey yet chic. 

Creating the Modern Great Room of Your Dreams 


To create the modern great room of your dreams and bring your vision to life, use this guide to help you successfully develop a modern, chic, functional, and innovative living space. 

Think about how you can elevate the look of your great room, with modern, up-to-date designs and decor. Whether you change up the paint, add an electric fireplace, incorporate shelving, or bring in a ton of greenery, you will be one step closer to creating the modern great room you have envisioned all along. 

Look for eccentric pieces that stand out and decor that expresses your personality, while keeping up with the modern theme. Discover your unique style and incorporate it with modern design, to create a stylish, chic but cozy living space. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to change up the look of your great room, let this guide offer you some eccentric ideas that will take your space and turn it into the modern, stylish great room of your dreams.