Having a poorly designed outdoor restaurant is almost equal to having none. An amazing outdoor space can attract customers and lead to an increase in profits. Generally, people are attracted to beautiful spaces where they can enjoy meals and drinks comfortably. 

If you haven’t put any effort into extending your restaurant outdoors, it might be time to think about it. If you have one that is not very appealing, try and upgrade it, and it will make a huge difference. Here are some design tips for an inviting outdoor restaurant space.

Use High-Quality Commercial Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor restaurant furniture needs to be comfortable and functional. Your guests need something comfortable, and you also want furniture that will last longer, and you have to balance the two. There are several options available when it comes to outdoor restaurant chairs and tables. They are available in different designs, sizes, and colors. 

Consider your personal preference and your restaurant décor to get the perfect furniture. They should also be waterproof as they will be subjected to various weather conditions. The outdoor furniture should also match with the ones indoors to create a harmonious appearance.

Use Outdoor Decorative Lighting
Food served in your restaurant has to appear good, on top of tasting good. And this can only be achieved by adopting proper lighting. Outdoor lighting should not only be functional but aesthetically appealing too.

Make sure to highlight special features such as water fountains or falls with good lighting. You can even save energy by replacing traditional incandescent lighting with LED lights. These may be expensive to buy, but they are worth it. String lights and candles on tables also add ambiance into the outdoor space, improving customers’ experience.

Keep Bugs Out
When you decide to set up an outdoor dining area for your customers, you should prepare to deal with mother nature. If not dealt with the right way, she has great powers to ruin your customers’ comfort. Don’t let your guests swat flies and other insects when they are supposed to be enjoying the perfectly cooked meals or sipping their favorite drinks. 

Depending on the configuration of your outdoor space, you can surround it with a mosquito net (if mosquitoes are a nuisance in the area). Natural repellant plants also come in handy, and you can grow them around the space. Candles with repellents such as citronella are also effective in keeping bugs away. If pets are a great disaster, adopt a pest management strategy with the help of a professional.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Heaters
Outdoor heaters will come in handy when the weather gets cold. Don’t let your customers suffer in the cold or avoid coming to your restaurant in the name of unfavorable weather conditions. Outdoor heaters are available in various options like electric, natural gas, and liquid propane. Ensure the cables are properly installed by a professional to avoid hazards.

Provide Weather Protection
You need to be creative to ensure your outdoor restaurant space remains functional in any kind of weather. When the snowing season comes, make use of canopies or tents to cover it. However, a tent can limit airflow in the outdoor space. Humidifiers come in handy in improving airflow. 

Some awnings are also good to offer protection from the scorching sun, creating a comfortable space for guests. However, sometimes the weather gets so unfriendly, and it doesn’t make sense for anyone to stay outdoors, such as when there are wind chills and negative temperatures. In such a case, closing down the outdoor space for some time will be better.

There are several ways to attract customers to come to your restaurant and fall in love with it, and having an appealing outdoor space is one of them. The appearance and comfort of your outdoor space matter a lot to customers. And you don’t have to have a vast outdoor space to attract guests and increase your revenue. You can still make use of a small space creatively.