Is your home a mix of all things you love? Every homeowner likes adorning their houses with exquisite furniture, trending artwork, new cutlery, and exclusive decoration pieces. Similarly, they give a lot of attention to the home’s interior design. From floor to ceiling, people want everything to be perfect and visually appealing.

In the upcoming months of 2021, we would be witnessing new home décor trends, tempting everyone to update their homes. You can mix modern designs with vintage, nurture comfort and cozy spaces, or stick to contemporary designs. Above all, you have to make smart furniture choices to enjoy comfort and luxury together. In case you aren’t up to date with the trends, let us help you out. Here we are highlighting some incredible home décor trends of 2021.

1. Style the Empty Fireplace

Only because you can’t light roaring flames in the fireplace doesn’t mean it is useless. Instead, use your creativity to turn the fireplace into the most aesthetic spot of the house. You can opt for something purely decorative and turn the fireplace into an art gallery. You can display pottery, hang paintings, or put your school artwork on display. Otherwise, you can fill the space with vintage books, light strings, firewood, or candles to give it an inviting glow.

2. Cozy Reading Spot

Are you wondering how to decorate a massive living room? Usually, the bulky furniture is consuming a lot of space in the living room, not leaving space for anything else. If you are experiencing something similar, store the extra pieces of furniture in storage units or host a garage sale. After this, install a tall bookshelf at one corner and get minimalist furniture pieces. Preferably, opt for fabrics and shapes that are elegant and homey since they are perfect for unwinding alone. You can also place a small coffee table, rugs, and a table lamp to create a library-like atmosphere. These minor adjustments would turn your formal living room into a cozy lounge area.

3. Roof Windows

Unsurprisingly, homes filled with natural sunlight have always been on every person’s wish list. You can enhance the daylight by installing skylights and roof windows. You can rethink the kitchen rooftop and invest in the kitchen extension. Likewise, you can open-plan living spaces to create a light and airy space inside the house. If adding windows doesn’t seem possible in your home’s infrastructure, add glass walls for more natural light.

4. Dried Flower Displays

We all have seen fresh, blooming flowers beautifying the home’s interior, but things will be different in 2021. Now, homeowners will be switching from bright to dried flowers that last longer without any maintenance. From seed heeds to Pampas Grasses – the dried flowers have a powerful aesthetic appeal, making the house look gorgeous. You can place these flowers in transparent jars for a minimalistic look or put them in antique vases or marble jars. Also, make sure every room has at least one bouquet of these flowers to create the same theme around the house.

5. Rethink the Gallery Wall

Are the walls in the hallway looking outdated? If so, create an exclusive gallery wall that grabs everyone’s attention. You can hang antique frames of different shapes and sizes to make them look aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, you can head over to a market and get a mirror for the gallery wall. You can also mix and match the mirrors with antique photo frames, fairy lights and turn them into the home’s focal point.

6. Get Your Hands on Sculptural Furniture

Nowadays, every homeowner wants to invest in sculptural furniture pieces because of the unique shapes and striking furnishing. You can spend money on sculptural sofas or opt for chairs if you have a low budget. The sculptural chairs are amongst many modern classics, timeless pieces that are usher in geometric contrast. You can even find shapes inspired by history, ocean life, and art. Alongside comfort, such furniture pieces can bring charisma and style to the house.

7. Bring Indoor Plants

Undeniably, plants can add beauty and aesthetic value to the house. Therefore, get your hands on some statement indoor plants to create a fresh and green atmosphere in the house. You can decorate the living room with cacti and succulents. They come in linear and sculptural shapes, enhancing the space surrounding them in different ways. Likewise, you can decorate plants with conventional home collections such as perfume bottles, teapots, marble jars, etc. Besides, you can also hang plants and flowers in transparent containers around the empty walls.

8. Add Earth Colors

Using the ‘nature’ palette is one of the hottest color trends for 2021. You can paint your bedroom walls with earthy-toned pigments or select a bold shade for one of the walls. Similarly, you can apply accent wallpapers to give your home a touch of luxury. However, the trick is to keep the paint subtle and sophisticated. Choose one part of the room, such as the wall, sofa cushions, rugs, and add color to it; and the rest should be simple and complement the colors well.

9. Go Rough & Rustic

The timeless trend of rustic furniture can still create an unrefined sense of luxury in homes. Hence, consider mixing the new buys with vintage to create the feel of timeworn opulence. You can look for decorative accessories like chandeliers and mirrors that have aged with character. You can also opt for chopped paintwork, faded fabrics, or rough cupboards to accomplish the rustic look. 

10. Treat Your Windows

Unsurprisingly, adding the right window treatments can make all the difference inside the house. These days, the roman shades with fun patterns have become every homeowner’s top pick. You can get your hands on small patterns that align with the home’s theme. Similarly, you can also install roller and cellular shades for more privacy. They are available in woven wooden shades and bamboo, giving a casual and textured look in homes.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners love combing unique elements of their personality with trending pieces to decorate their homes. In 2021, home décor is all about earthy colors, cozy furniture, artistic pieces, and minimalistic décor. After all, everyone is spending more time indoors and wants to enjoy comfortable living spaces. Therefore, get sculptural furniture, redesign the hallways, treat your windows, and make your home as desirable as possible.