While designing a house, the guest bedroom decor often gets neglected. This should not be the case because it creates a bad impression. There are many simple tricks that can help you to transform the guest bedroom into the centre of attention of your house. Also, you do not have to make a lot of expenses for the task. Mentioned below are a few design ideas for your bedroom to make it extra cosy and welcoming: 

1 ) A large mirror 

The benefits of installing a mirror in your bedroom are innumerable. However, it is not possible to carry a large mirror while travelling. Hence, a full-length mirror is one of the most essential parts of the guest bedroom decor design. Besides acting as a dressing mirror when required, a mirror has a huge impact on the overall design of the room. For starters, it makes the room look bigger visually. This is very beneficial if your guest bedroom is small in size. Also, a mirror reflects light and makes the room appear brighter. In case sufficient space is not available in the guest bedroom, look for a narrow mirror that can easily fit into any area.  

2 ) Always install artwork 

You should focus on the interior design of the guest bedroom. One of the easiest ways to take it up a notch is by installing artwork. Installing artwork in your home decor design gives a very elegant and appealing feel to the room.  Also, you can get rid of the blank look from the walls. A common trick recommended by many experts is installing artwork in groups. For a more uniform look, choose the same frame design for every piece. There are many variations available in the market. You should choose pieces that blend in easily with the rest of the decor. 

3 ) A relaxing spot

After adding all the essentials like a bed, mirror, cupboard, etc., add seating areas if there is sufficient space available in the guest bedroom. A few seating areas allow your guests to find a suitable relaxing spot. You can go minimal and add one or two small chair/s. In case sufficient space is available, you can consider adding a sofa.  

4 ) Opt for twin beds 

If your guest bedroom design is small, opting for twin beds will be a better idea. Twin beds are not necessarily meant for kids. If properly decorated, it can look very sophisticated and luxe. To maintain uniformity in the design, use the same type and coloured linens in both the beds. Throw in a few matching pillows in the setup as well. Also, do not forget to add a bedside table between the beds so that both the guests can access it when required. 

5 ) Install a loft bed 

A loft bed is a great choice for the guest bedroom if sufficient space is not available. It uses vertical space and occupies very little floor space. While the bed at the bottom is bigger, the bed above it is smaller. This bed is quite the perfect solution for kids. It may result in some expenses but the upgrade is certainly worth the investment. 

6 ) Add a desk 

Adding a compact desk to the setup is a great idea to make the room more functional. You can place it right next to the bed instead of a regular bedside table. Also, you can add a few essentials like paper, pads, reading material, torch, batteries, phone charger, etc. to make your guests feel more comfortable and welcome. 

7 ) Choose bold colours 

You can always consider choosing bold colours for the guest bedroom decor design.  A bright colour or an appealing wallpaper is a great choice. For a welcoming and elegant look, you can choose shades of green, grey, blue, yellow, purple, etc.  

8 ) Bedside lighting 

Never ignore the importance of lighting in the guest bedroom, especially bedside lighting. Bedside lighting is important so that the guests can turn on or off the light when required without having to get out of the bed. You can either opt for table lamps or sconces in the home decor design. Choose plug-in sconces if do not want visible wires in the setup.