If you’re looking to improve the value per square foot of your property, there are a few home improvement projects that you can undertake. Everyone’s already heard of the kitchen remodel and the kitchen-bathroom focus that you want to adopt while renovating, but there are other ways to make your home more valuable while increasing the square footage.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best room additions you can make to your home to make sure that you’re maximizing its value. After all, if you’re not using a section of your property, then you’re missing out on the ability to add value to your home.

1 - Traditional Room Addition
A traditional room addition is an addition to your home that essentially expands the usable living space. Compared to the average cost of home additions like these, the value that you get out of them tends to be relatively high, though these projects may also be difficult to undertake depending on your home.

Whether or not you’ll be able to undertake a traditional room addition project depends on the design of your house. Some homes may have an open living room that can easily be expanded through an addition by just tearing down one of the walls and attaching a new structure to the side of the house.

In most cases, a traditional room addition will be one of a few different kinds of rooms. Master bedrooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms can be added to a house with a room addition. Addition costs will depend on the size of the room addition and the complexity of the task.

Traditional room additions can even feature multiple rooms within them, and in some cases, a home addition can even be an entire apartment in and of itself.

2 - Bump Out Home Addition
Bump-out additions tend to be a more affordable alternative to the traditional option that we went over. This is because a bump-out room addition will only add a single room to your living space. In some cases, a bump-out may not even add an entire room onto your home, instead of focusing on fleshing out an existing room.

For example, if you want to add on to the family room in your home, you can add some extra square footage to that part of your home. If you’ve noticed that one part of your home is a little cramped (the dining room, for example) a bump-out addition is one of the best ways to make your home feel more livable.

While the cost of a bump-out addition won’t be too steep, it’s still a renovation project, so you’ll have to be prepared for cost overruns and the typical issues that you can expect to run into. In most cases, bump-out additions also require new roof framing, so you’ll need to ensure that it has proper support.

3 - Get More Value per Square Foot with a Sunroom
Sunrooms are a kind of bonus room that you can create out of a patio, taking advantage of extra space that you may not be currently using. These renovations also tend to be a little less restrictive because they’re subject to fewer building codes, meaning that you may even be able to DIY a sunroom addition project.

In most cases, the parts used to build sunrooms are pre-fabricated, cutting down on the amount of work that you have to do. A typical sunroom addition will have a glass roof (that’s where the “sun” in the sunroom comes into play) that will blend the beauty of the home’s exterior with the amenities of the building’s interior.

While sunrooms don’t have as many building costs associated with them, they will certainly improve a home’s value. The unfortunate part about sunroom additions is that they typically require a specific home design so that they can be undertaken, so be sure that a sunroom will be compatible with your house.

4 - Converting Your Garage
If you’re not looking to undertake any structural changes to your home, why not change an existing part of your home into the type of room that you’d like to add? This will reduce the additional cost and it will also make it easier for you to perform the home improvement project yourself.

In most cases, garage room additions will be turned into living spaces or even bedrooms. One of the main challenges will be replacing or reinforcing the garage door to improve the room’s insulation. However, if you live in a warmer climate, this may not be as much of an issue.

Garage room additions will give you a good return on investment because of their low cost, but they also won’t expand your square footage as much as a traditional one-story addition.