Although the majority of your house might be well-decorated, even the most experienced interior designers can struggle to fill nooks and crannies, such as small corner spaces or window areas. Rather than allowing these to impact the overall impression that your décor makes, here is a guide to some of the ways that you can decorate and fill these empty spaces in an eye-catching and yet useful way. 

Hang Fine Artworks 
To make sure that no space is left blank and uninspired, you should consider filling any spare wall space with fine artwork. Artwork can grab your attention and can make plain parts of your room bright and colorful. Although you might not know where to start when it comes to artwork, Marlon Holden offers a range of fine art photography that is bound to find a perfect spot within your home. You could also consider filling bare wall space with family photographs and interesting picture frames, as well as mirrors which can help to bring light into these smaller corners of your home. 

Install Interesting Seating 
Often, the perfect filler for your empty space is seating. If you are wondering why you would want to sit in a little corner of your home, many homeowners use these spare areas as libraries or reading nooks, as well as small offices, or simply places to relax and unwind away from the rest of the house. One of the best seating options for small areas is bench seating, as this does not take up a lot of space. You might also consider installing window seating if you have a window nearby or even investing in a statement chair that can start conversations. 

Use for Storage 
However, if you want to get your use out of the space that you are struggling with, you should consider using this area for storage purposes. Storage does not have to be unattractive, though, and you should consider installing fancy shelving, such as floating shelves, which can act as a unique display as well as somewhere to put your ornaments and possessions. You might also consider fitting wall hooks in the space to act as a closet for outdoor clothing.

Invest in a Stunning Ornament
The way that you use your empty space does not have to be practical, though, and many people simply decide to fill the space with a stunning ornament or even a large plant. For instance, many people choose to opt for standing sculptures that can add an aura of elegance to your home or even choose to install a screen in the area which can block off this awkward nook while also looking dazzling. 

Decorating empty spaces can be extremely difficult for homeowners, especially if you do not have a purpose for the space, such as that of a library, a workshop area, or a home office. However, there are many ways, both practical and decorative, that you can make this empty space cohesive with the rest of the room, and which can make you fall in love with the area of your home that was previously the bane of your life.