As the name suggests, commercial doors are the ones that are specifically manufactured for commercial purposes. These commercial purposes could include office buildings, lifts, schools, stores, hospitals, or manufacturing industries. These serve the purpose of high and tight security, and extra durability as compared to the residential doors in our houses to withstand heavy and drastic conditions like climatic changes and wear and tear. The four basic types of commercial doors include.

1. Roller doors:
The roller doors can be of different materials stated, galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Insulated roller doors and quite in fame in recent days since they safeguard the inner atmosphere from illegal and unwanted entry, as well as can be installed and repaired very easily. There are a lot of companies like Commercial Roller Doors Repair in Brisbane offering proper and managed services. They are rolled up and stored around a single coil when opened, whereas they come straight down from the coil when shut. These roller doors serve the purpose of redundant free security against harsh weather, in commercial and industrial units. They can be configured and designed of different shapes, colors, with the company’s names configured on them as well as the required sizes.

2. Scissors gate:
Well, it is quite a fact that the scissors doors when used alone, can create a little bit of an issue. The reason being, it lets the air, water, small animals, and insects penetrate through it. Whereas, when put up with the roller doors, it is way more secure and lets the business owners, shop owners, or vendors leave the roller doors open and without giving access to unauthorized individuals who wander around their property. Even though these gates don’t protect from small creatures, it still ensures complete security and protection by the top-quality steel used. Due to these reasons, the scissors gates and mostly seen outside the banks and other such business properties, so that they allow proper communication as well as prevent unethical entries. 

3. Fire-rated doors:
For commercial premises that are prone or exposed to harms like fire, injurious chemicals, these fire-rated doors are one of the most important parts. These doors decrease the risks by preventing the fire from spreading from one room to the other following lobby or room and hence to the whole building since they are manufactured from fire-defiant materials. It is though suggested for every other commercial premise or building to have these doors to prevent any unforeseen situation waiting on the other side. We often notice these doors in shopping malls. 

4. Overhead doors:
This category of commercial doors is the one providing you with the conventional safe saving property. The overhead doors can be rolled up too, again, saving space when opened. The overhead doors are usually suitable for garages or warehouse sheds. 

So these were the four different types of commercial doors offering tight security and safety. Such pieces are always suggested to be inferred before you’re setting up a new company or planning to put up a new manufacturing unit for the best security.