Selling a home is an easy transaction as long as you are prepared right. To get the asking price you need to be creative, persistent, and original in promoting your house. 

Did you know that potential buyers will always decide whether they like a property or not in the first 60 seconds of their visit? That's right, one minute is enough for a complete stranger to decide if your home is their future house, or not.

Here's how to make a good first impression, thanks to five staging tips. 

Fix What Needs Fixing

You don't have to remodel an entire kitchen or bathroom before listing your home, but you could invest a small amount of money in fixing it. 

Before you open your home to potential buyers, make sure that everything in your home works perfectly. Water should be running smoothly, there shouldn’t be any hint of moisture, leaks, or heavy signs of a broken roof. 

Tight up things a bit, and let the natural light in. Deal with anything broken, damaged, worn down, or squeaking. 

Pro tip: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders when it comes to a first impression. 

Simplify Décor

If you are still living in your home, you should make it less personal. Yes, small things are everything, but when it comes to selling your home fast, you need to make your space welcoming for new owners. 

Potential buyers already know that you are linked with the house, but they still don't want to see your memories on every step. Keep home simple and generic. You can always do this by freshening up furniture a bit. 

To beautify your home more search for the best furniture store in Montreal, that will help you sell your home faster. 

Keep It Clean

This may be easier said than done, but it’s one of the important things if you really want to sell your home fast. 

Keep your home clean and tidy. Let the fresh air in, use as much natural light as possible, and double-check if there is anything else to declutter.

If possible, return all rooms to their original purpose. Don't overlook any awkward smells in your home as well, especially during the summertime. 

Have An Inviting Porch

People love inviting areas. No one can say 'no' to well-organized, warm, and beautiful places. Welcome potential buyers, in the same manner, as you would welcome your dearest visitors. 

Even a small sign 'welcome home' can do miracles. If you have space, place one or two pieces of nice porch furniture. Keep porch lights in the evenings, and if you can choose solar lights. 

Use Extra Rooms

Having an extra room is always a great thing, as long as you organize it wisely. Sometimes people don't even know that they need that extra space until you show it to them. 

Clean up your extra room and tell the potential buyers what it was used for and what are possible benefits. 

Could be an office room? A guest room? Another kids' room? Point it out to them and speed up your home sale!