Bedrooms, in every household, are the pivotal point in terms of styling. It is one room that is completely personal and gives you privacy and peace after long and tiring days. SO when it comes to designing a bedroom, everything must be well-thought-of. You should meticulously assess the style, colors, patterns, furniture, and overall vibe of the room that matches your personality and need. Bedside Tables at Luxo Living are a great addition to a bedroom. These are aesthetically designed and highly practical and harmonize with all types of homes from classic vintage to bold contemporary.

Perfect bedside table pieces that go with your home decor and match your style brings the bed together and are a must exquisite addition to every home. However, you need to ensure that you do not go wrong with these furniture pieces by choosing too little, too many, too simple, or too loud. Here are the top 4 picks that help you get a winning arrangement of bedside tables.

● Try different heights
When it comes to styling a bedside table, proportions play a vital role. If you pick all the decor pieces of the same height, you would end up with a flat look. However, picking pieces of varying height can add dynamic dimensions to your table and elevate the overall appeal of the room. Tall items are impactful and bring a little drama while the smaller ones balance them and bring a sense of calmness. As your bedside table is the last thing you access in a day, you may want to place some feng shui or other similar stuff that helps you get peaceful productive sleep.

● A different texture to your room with bedside table
Adding different textures to your bedside tables can instantly captivate attention. You can play with textures with all sorts of tables including wooden, metal, or mirrored glass. You can try using smooth table lamps or ceramic vases with shiny veneer or style a grained textured table with hammered metal sculptures. A perfect mix of textures creates an incredible visual impact and makes your bedroom look more elegant.

● Personalize the table with practicality
Apart from being a vital decor piece for your bedroom, these tables also have a functional purpose. They serve as a home to your personal belongings when you end your day and go to sleep. Bedside tables are used to place articles that you may need either midnight or first thing in the morning such as your glasses, book that you read yourself at night, alarm clock, etc. Make sure you pick a piece that accommodates these necessary items and also keeps the style quotient high.

● Symmetry is always eye-pleasing
Bedside tables are often placed on both sides of the bed. Keeping both sides symmetrical or identical mirror images of each other is a great idea to decor the tables. This is an eye-catching style that draws attention immediately and also can never go wrong. You can choose identical items such as photo frames, flower decors, etc for both sides or can keep the symmetry subtle by using the same color and texture.