The majority of people who had the ability to work from home this year were thrown straight into the world of remote working. In fact, 86% of people working from home did so because of the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that we are spending more and more time in our home office. 

When working from home, it can be difficult to strike a balance and take enough breaks. However, staring at a computer for a long time uninterrupted can cause health concerns, sometimes due to the blue light, and the way our eyes have to adjust once we look away. This is one reason why it is important to get the lighting in your home office just right. 

As well as practicality, it is important to look after our mental health and stress levels during this unprecedented time by making sure we have a positive feeling working space. And one way you can make a room feel more comforting and welcoming is by its lighting. Whatever your reasons for changing it up, here is how to get the lighting in your home office just right. 

Get enough natural light 
One study has shown that getting enough bright natural sunlight throughout the working day can improve your concentration, reduce stress and burnout, and even make you sleep better at night. This means that exposure to sunlight can improve your mental health, job satisfaction and your productivity. 

When choosing which room will be your home office, make sure this room has a window and access to natural light. If your office has a window, utilise the natural light by making sure nothing is blocking it, such as badly fitted curtains.

Use a variety of light sources
Don’t just rely on the natural light, as this will obviously fade during the course of the day. Embrace the variety of lighting options available to you so that you can tailor your lighting on a day-by-day basis. 

As well as ceiling lights, consider desk lights for when you need a little boost of light in a more concentrated area. To light up the entire room in style, you can find a wide selection of floor lamps at Pagazzi.

Think about the mood 
When you are selecting your lighting fixtures, think about the mood you would like to project. Do you want it to be bright white and stark, making you alert and ready to go? Or do you want it to feel warm and comforting to ease your stress through the busy working day?

Get more than you think you need 
Whatever you decide to do at the end, one thing is for sure - if you think it’s enough, get more! It is better to have a room which is too bright than too dark. In other words, you can always turn off extra lamps, but you can’t produce more out of thin air. There are so many ways to light a room, so no way is perfect. But, with these tips, you will be sure to get the lighting in your home office just right.