If you want to build a conservatory, one of the many things you need to consider is the roof. Technology has seen improvements in conservatory roofs over the past years. Before 2010, building regulations required all conservatory roofs to be 75% translucent. That limited available roofing choices considerably.

However, in recent years, these rules have been changed, and you can choose a roofing option from a wide variety. A conservatory supplier can help you select the best roof depending on your requirements and other factors such as maintenance, budget, durability, and amount of light required. This article gives you some roofing options you can use to transform your existing structure or build a new conservatory. 

1. Glass Roofs

Glass is the most famous material that has been used for building conservatories for years. That's because it's perfect at transferring light and warmth to the space below it. New glazing technology inventions have led to the development of thermally efficient roofs that can inhibit heat loss. 

You can also customize these roofs by applying special coatings to improve their performance. If you intend to reduce the sun's ray's intensity, you can use tinted glasses. Other options like self-cleaning glasses have coatings that react with UV rays to break down dust particles and reduce maintenance needs.

2. Polycarbonate Roofs

This is one of the cheapest conservatory roof options available in the market. Despite their price, they allow natural light to get into the space, can last up to 20 years, and require less maintenance. They're sold in different u-values and colors. However, polycarbonate roofs may not have excellent insulating properties like other roof types on the market.