Installing window locks is easy and simple. Today, millions of individuals all around the world use locks on windows to add a layer of security to their premises. Window locks protect your home from suspicious acts like burglary and theft. 

Especially when you are going out on a vacation, in such scenarios installing a window lock becomes necessary.  That said, nowadays you can buy window locks from Locksmith in Norcross near me. Window locks are readily available, they are cheap and you can find a good quality lock without specialized knowledge or experience. 

Wait! But, before you jump into your car to buy a window lock or log in to any online store - learn about locks. In this post, you will know more about different types of lock available, their importance and answer to some of the most common myths. 

Here we go…

Importance Of Window Locks

If you are still wondering about why you must go for window lock -read this. In case, you are clear about it, then you can skip this paragraph. When intruders break-in won’t they just use the front door? The truth is that intruders can even break a window to achieve their goal. Although breaking the window isn’t their best interest, since they want to enter a home without making any noises. 

Knowing this, it’s important to learn about the type of window locks that can help you stay more prepared for all types of situations. The aim is to make it difficult for intruders to access your home. You can also go for locks on the second story window especially when you have children at home. 

Types Of Window Locks 

A variety of locks are available today on the market. On one hand, some locks offer basic security, on the other hand, other locks offer much more advanced features. In the following section, each type of lock is explained in a bit more details. 


Handle Lock 

One of the most common locks that are used with awning as well as the hopper window is called a handle lock. They use a simple latch when your horizontal is, it locks the window. Now, when you pull it vertically, it unlocks the window and you can open it. 

Folding Latches

Most of the time you will notice the folding latch used to lock the awning as well as casement windows. They can be fixed on the frame of the window. When the window is closed, the lock fold down automatically and takes its place.  To open the window, all you need to do is simply unfold the latch by pulling it up. 

Pin Lock

For better understanding, you can divide pin lock into two parts. One part is installed on the window, and then another part is installed on the frame. Once both parts are attached that means the window is closed. One of the pieces which are attached to the window has a long chain. The chain is easy to slide about and gets fixed to the other part of the lock hence creating a bond that’s difficult to break. 

Sliding Window Locks 

They are primitive-looking locks, extremely effective and deliver complete protection to home-owners. You can use sliding locks with sliding windows as well as sliding patio doors. It’s a long solid lock and you can place it on the track on the side of the window.  To open the window all you need to do it, take the lockout of the track. 

The aforementioned list is not exhaustive. In other words, there are a variety of other locks also available. To install locks at home call experts from Green Pro Locksmith - and get affordable and on-time services. Meet the professional and enhance your home security more than ever before!