There’s nothing wrong with wanting to transform your room into a calming oasis. Here are 11 easy and creative ways to decorate your master bedroom.

The master bedroom is often the last room we decorate after moving into a house.

And for a good reason, too.

Most of your guests will never step foot into your master bedroom, let alone know where it is. And as long as you have comfortable bedding and a large mirror, what’s the point of a complete overhaul?

Well, your master bedroom is your space.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to transform your sleep haven into an oasis where you can retreat after work.

Here are 11 creative ways to decorate your master bedroom.

1. Add a Faux-Brick Accent Wall

Nothing says downtown Manhattan or traditional Tinseltown quite like an urban theme in the master bedroom. 

And do you know the best way to bring the city home?

An exposed brick accent wall.

A brick wall nestled behind your king-sized bed is the perfect way to complement an otherwise plain-white bedroom.

Get the warmth, comfort, and textures of the big city ... all at a steep discount thanks to easy-to-install peel-and-stick brick wallpaper.

2. Paint an Outdoorsy Mural

While bare walls are clean and crisp, they lack in another area:


It’s time to carry your personality over to your bedroom walls. 

And if you’re a nature junkie and find peace in the great outdoors, you can bring this serenity to your master bedroom with a DIY outdoorsy mural.

A mountain range mural may be your next big project!

A few shades of paint, a roll of painter’s tape, and a little patience is all it takes to deliver some natural color to a plain white bedroom.

3. Display Custom Canvas Prints

Rows of picture frames on the bedroom dresser can bring anxiety-inducing clutter — and a total loss of feng shui — to what should be your haven.

Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to tuck those sweet family photos away in the drawer forever.

Instead, you can order custom canvas prints of those precious snapshots and line your bare walls with your favorite memories.

Wedding photos, family portraits, and vacation snaps.

Thick wood frames and enlarged photos make canvas prints a classy way to keep what you love nearby.

4. Hang a Luxury Chandelier from the Ceiling

Who said chandeliers only belong in the dining room?

Hint: They don’t!

If you’re going for a more opulent style and ambient light in your master bedroom, ditch the bare bulb and hang a chandelier instead!

A chandelier can act as a great focal point in a bedroom with tons of natural light.

But not just any chandelier.

Try to choose a somewhat low-profile light fixture that matches your bedroom's theme and fits comfortably over your bed.

And they jive even better if you have 9+ foot ceilings.

5. Build a Rustic Wood Bed Frame

Your bed frame has a few key purposes:

To keep your mattress off the floor, avoid mold and mildew growth, and keep you warm on brisk nights.

Yet, it can also bring an outpouring of style to your master bedroom.

Rustic wood bed frames, specifically!

A frame with neatly-stained horizontal panels can deliver a cozy, warm, and cabin-style vibe for the folks who left their hearts in the country.

Throw a set of plaid sheets and a cottage-style blanket on top of your bed to finish off the look.

6. Install French Doors at the Entry

If your master bedroom draws in an immense amount of natural light, it’d be silly to phase it out with thick curtains or light-blocking shades.

Instead, let it flow!

Installing crisp white French doors at your master bedroom entryway can deliver some much-needed light to your hallway and bedroom with a classical ambiance.

Does anything scream “luxury” or “magical” more than gently opening a French door to reveal a cozy bedroom resort?

Absolutely not.

7. Position a Unique Mirror Across from a Window

Unless you can afford an addition to your master bedroom, adding extra square footage probably isn’t in the cards.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your room look bigger.

An easy solution:

A mirror hung directly across from a window.

Whether it’s a full-length rectangular, thick-bordered oval, or dresser-top mirror, the window position will draw in lighter and appear to make your room bigger.

Plus, it’ll reflect gentle snowfall and blooming trees for a little added warmth.

8. Opt for a Darker Color Scheme

Many homeowners shudder at the thought of painting their master bedroom anything but a light and calm color.

Pastels, greys, and lighter shades seem to run the show.

But as terrifying as it might sound, painting your room dark grey, blue, green, or even black can add some excitement and personality to your personal space.

So long as you don’t overdo it, of course!

For example, if you’re going for a darker shade on the walls, build some contrast with a white bed frame, beige curtains, or a light grey rug

9. Infuse a Personalized Gallery Wall

If you’ve stepped foot into a modern home within the last few years, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen a gallery wall or two.

They’re fun, unique, and, most of all, personal!

A gallery wall may just be what your master bedroom needs to bring your favorite things — like photos, memorabilia, and art — to your favorite room in the house.

An artistic eye and continuity are not needed.

Choose frames of different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. And feel free to organize your framed concert tickets between your wedding photo and a small painting.

Anything that makes you happy should go into your gallery.

10. Consider Installing a Canopy

When you think of a canopy bed, you probably envision a stereotypical teenage girl's bedroom in the 1990s.

Oh, how times have changed!

Thick-framed canopy beds can add an elegant look to your master bedroom while giving you a cozy, boxed-in feel if you crave security.

Are you feeling really classy?

Install thin, white fabric panels along the edges to mesh privacy and luxury for a good night’s sleep!

11. Invest in a Cozy Comforter Set

A comfortable bedding set is important, but there’s nothing more valuable than a warm, thick comforter set.

The thicker, the better.

Select a comforter set that matches the current theme in your master bedroom. 

Never overlook the role the pattern, matching sheets, and color scheme can play in bringing the style of your entire master bedroom together.


Remember: Your master bedroom should personify you.

Don’t feel like you have to carry the mid-century modern stylings of your living room to your bedroom to keep with the theme.

And don’t stall on buying that iron milk can because it “won’t match” perfectly.

Fill your master bedroom with decor that makes you happy and comfortable as you recharge your batteries.

Just get creative!

Author Bio:
Caitlin Sinclair is the property manager at Persea, an apartment community in Vista, CA.