The passing of the years, the seasons, and the fashions cause many of us, especially those of us who value design and home decoration, to begin to feel a certain aversion towards our own home. The colour of the walls no longer attracts us as much as when we chose it, the distribution does not adjust to the new needs of the family, and the appliances in the kitchen and the bathroom have become outdated.  

Wear and tear knocks thousands off the value of your house. All these inconveniences are a clear symptom that it is time to make changes. When we think about a reform, we associate it with spending lots of money and time consumption. However, with a little investment and inspiration, you can improve your home easily and effectively which is vital if you are wishing to sell your home. From exterior wall painting to replacing your windows, it is easy to give your home a little pick-me-up.

Interior design
In general, several requirements are repeated among homeowners, which indicates that we can talk about certain trends in terms of modern housing projects. The main aim is to eliminate the corridors so that each space is used well. This will most certainly allow you to distribute the space in the house more efficiently, prioritising functionality. When it comes to articulating and separating spaces, wooden, metal, glass lattices, or a combination of different materials are usually placed as partitions that allow light to pass through. The kitchen has become a space where to be and carry out everyday life, so its functions have been joined with those of the living room. In this way, a large space is achieved where you want it - to socialise, to cook, and to eat.

As for the bathrooms, they tend to reduce and look for smooth surfaces. To look for pure lines, the showers are integrated with the floor, and the toilets are hung, leaving the surfaces clean and free. Other important points are the taps and shelves that tend to disappear, the taps being embedded in the wall, and the shelves being replaced by illuminated niches where accessories and products are placed. Bathrooms go from being a complex room tending to disorder things to being an element with smooth surfaces and clean of objects. 

Let there be light
As you may already be aware, it is very important to open large windows on the facade. This allows for good indoor lighting with natural light. If your windows are not currently allowing enough natural light to flood into your rooms, then maybe it is time to consider window replacement. Choose from new designs or aesthetically pleasing windows that will add character to your home. 

This importance of light is also reflected in the interior, where elements such as footlights, pits, led lighting, or special spotlights are placed, allowing the play of their light with the shadows they may generate, creating different sensations and spaces. This combination of elements will create a bright and cheerful atmosphere so important for the enjoyment of the house on a day-to-day basis.

Geometric design
The trend in decoration with basic geometric shapes continues to sweep. Steel and metal are the most common materials for this style, in black, copper, or gold colours; however, little by little new alternatives have appeared that allow squares, triangles, and hexagons to be brought to more corners of our home. The straight lines allow them to form true sculptures, modern and elegant. However, it is all a matter of balance and proportion. Geometric elements can be a great focus of attention. Therefore, it is important to find a balance with the rest of the decorative objects. Try not to compete with each other in terms of sizes and shapes. We can introduce this style in our home in small doses to achieve this balance through curtains with patterned triangles. 

Current colours
One of the aspects of the house that bothers us before is undoubtedly the colour of the walls. 2018 saw the rise of the big, bold colours such as blue, beige, or the very popular chocolate brown of 2018, but as 2021 approaches, you may want to consider muting them just a little. Mild colours and pastels work well, but they have a much better effect when they are used sparingly. You should instead highlight colours by painting only one wall. Also, it is recommended that you revive the marble whites once again for a modern and sleek look.

A timeless and functional kitchen
If you bought or rented your house and the kitchen was already installed, or you got carried away by the trend of the moment (shiny and opaque red or black doors, wood with a classic design), you need to give your kitchen a makeover. Although in the market we can continue to find dozens of proposals by current trends, if we want to keep the furniture timeless and functional, the best option is to opt for a simple white design where functionality prevails and where you can easily display your added extras. Those that define the style and give it personality (wooden top, leather handles, a multitude of plants, wooden utensils), let yourself be carried away by your instinct. It’s time to make some incredible upgrades to your home.

Home automation
Some of the autonomic measures that are usually incorporated in modern homes are the centralised and remote control of the blinds — also, the control of the heating and air conditioning installations, seeking efficiency also in their use. Similarly, you may be interested in the centralised control of the interior lighting of the house. Another aspect of interest is the incorporation of integrated alarm systems that, in addition to protecting against theft, can also detect leaks from plumbing or gas installations. These are the most recurrent themes that are part of the characteristics of modern houses. 

You have at your fingertips the possibility of living in the modern house that you have always wanted. With modern intervention, inspiration from the new design, and a little forward-thinking, you are capable of creating something magical in your home.