Fashion, trend and style change with time. However, several people are conscious about their lifestyle and stay updated on what’s in trend. This article particularly fascinates those looking for living room wallpaper trends and ideas; what’s the perfect way to select the one expressing your entity, persona, and thoughts? Often, the common question is, what kind of wallpaper is the best? You’ll get all the answers to these questions in this article. Once you have an ideal design in hand, please don’t wait to get it for your bedroom, living room or drawing-room.

After you decided to set a wallpaper on your room walls, do not sit back and change what you decided. However, we encourage our readers to go through these expert tips before moving ahead with the decision.

How to choose wallpaper: matching the style and look of your room
Come up with the thoughts in mind while considering the room style. If you want to go forward to the sweetest - just go here and behold amazing wallpapers and wall murals. If you want a detailed explanation: keep reading.
Room styling can be classified as:

If you want to retain your room's romantic look, wallpaper for the room with floral designs and delicate masks are perfect; fine lines on pastel colors.

Fashion-forward or contemporary
In this scenario, you must consider bold geometrics with metallic and high gloss accents. Large resolution bold floral is quite trendy in 2020.

In the case of traditional room designing, opt for intricate stripes and damasks. They combine perfectly with the traditional decors and furnishings.

The casual look of a room is simple and consists of stucco faux finish options. Pairing wallpaper with a flowering design or organic theme can make you feel relaxed in your comfort zone.

Where to buy Wallpaper – pick a wallpaper of your choice
When it comes to buying wallpaper, both physical visits to the market and online shopping work the same. However, the technology enables the Internet users to visit online wallpaper shops and order their favorite wallpaper design and delivered at their doorstep. On the contrary, a physical visit allows you to check the quality and fabric in person and can even take the sample home.

Here, we have compiled a list of great resources where you can buy quality wallpapers at affordable rates:

  • Anthropologie
  • Wallmur
  • Design Public
  • Ferm Living
  • Graham & Brown
  • Tempaper

Using Wallpaper in the room
It is better to keep it in mind that all wallpapers don’t work the same, nor give the same fascination; styling, room look, and even the room freshener also make you room look amazing suitable according to what you think of it.

According to wallpapers guide, here are a few options and wallpaper tips:

  • For a trendy twist, you can add simple wallpaper designs of high-resolution graphics; however, it doesn’t overwhelm the room, but it’s in trend. Covering all four walls with hanging horizontal design gives a contemporary look.
  • A special featured pattern, such as a bold and dramatic design, can highlight a specific room area. Also, metallic, glossy or mica gives a dazzling look.
  • You can also bring a unique touch to the room by setting a chair tail that divides the wall. Printable beadboard wallpaper can give a classical look under the chair rail. At the same time, hanging a large-scale damask or floral above the chair rail can update the room look. One more way to make it interesting is to anchor the wall using a pattern wallpaper (like dramatic damask wallpaper) below the chair rail and paint a synchronizing color above the chair rail. That’s what makes your room look fantastic.
  • Moreover, you can also incorporate your interest to the ceiling, such as Graham & Brown’s paintable tin ceiling squares. Have you ever heard of a Victorian-style tin ceiling? You can get that by painting in a classic metallic shade.

Backing paper choices
After you decide on the style and color of the pattern, another thing to look for is the type of backing the wallpaper. However, non-woven backing wallpaper is ideally strippable when it comes to changing the look.

With the wall mural ideas, non-woven “paste-the-wall” backing wallpapers don’t expand after they are wet; these wallpapers don’t soak or absorb the liquidity. Precisely, you need to apply the paste on the wall directly, which may reduce time to decorate.

Avoid small designs and patterns
Small pattern designs often seem hard to fit with the offset matches in repeat. This point is more important for those who are deciding to place wallpapers on their walls.

Textured vs. flat patterns
Choosing wallpaper is about your personal choice, style, thoughts and mindset. Flat wallpaper designs are better for the office wallpaper and give a sophisticated look; on the other hand, textured patterns give a casual and rough look.

Textured and wall mural designs on the wall give not only the fascinated touch-ups into the room but also cover the imperfections; some also have monochromatic gestures. You can further add fine details into the flat wallpapers and other add-ons like mica, gloss or metallic effects. If you find some ambiguity on your walls and prefer wallpaper setting up there, the base layer (wall liner) provides the wall with extra exposure.  

Measurement of the wall for wallpapers
In order to determine the quantity of the wallpaper you need, follow these steps of measurement:

-          Measure the wall’s width and height in feet.

-          Multiply both of these parameters (width and height) to get “Area” measured in square feet.

-          Eliminate the measurement for large openings, such as doors and windows.

-          Visit the wallpaper shop physically or place an order online at after selecting from the online store.

-          For wallpaper selection, make sure that the quantity you are going to purchase must be more than the one you measured.

-          It is better to get an extra roll of wallpaper; it helps if you need the same wallpaper for other walls with the matching. Note the batch number of the rolls to ensure the product has the same color and design.

-          Single and double roll are the industry-specific terms. Instead of getting into the detail of these products, you should follow the square foot strategy for measurement.