A small bathroom doesn't have to appear cluttered and cramped, as modern designs will make yours elegant and luxurious. Nothing is more exciting than a bathroom that is easy to clean and one which blends comfort and functionality. All you need are strategic remodeling tips to make your small bathroom feel spacious, and you can explore the styling solutions below:

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are always the go-to for designers who want to make a room feel spacious and airy. Most bathrooms feature a mirror above the sink, but you can get a super-sized mirror for the wall. A wall-to-wall mirror is especially ideal where there isn't enough natural light in your bathroom. 

You can also install a mirror across your bathroom's window to bounce natural light into your space and reflect outdoor scenery. There are many ways to fit mirrors in a small bathroom, including installing a mirrored cabinet or hanging a large mirror over your tub. You can look forward to a roomier bathroom, whether you install a large mirror or several small ones.

Install a Corner Sink

Since you lack the luxury of space when remodeling a small bathroom, you have to be strategic about the kind of sink you will use. Corner sinks are attractive because they maximize space and are easier to clean than standard-sized sinks.  


Choose a corner sink with an overflow drain to discourage water from flowing to your floor. Most brands will also provide different mounting options for their corner sinks to work in almost all small bathrooms. 

Opt for Large Tiles

Every fixture you use in your small bathroom will either make it feel bigger or cramped, including tiling. Larger tiles will result in fewer grout lines and less clutter on the walls and floor. Choose light-colored tiles or soft-hued colors that contrast minimally with each other. 

However, you may have stumbled on stunning small tiles that will reflect your personal style, and which you can't wait to use in your remodeled bathroom. You can use the smaller tiles on small surface areas like splashback and shower and larger tiles in the majority of the bathroom. 

Diagonal patterns are other optical illusions that make a small bathroom feel spacious. The expertise of bathroom contractors is necessary to precisely cut and lay tiles in a diagonal layout, particularly around the perimeter. 

Enclose the Shower with a Glass Door

A glass door provides an airy and spa-like feel to a small bathroom and makes it look much bigger. There are many options for the modern homeowner who wants to open up a small bathroom with glass.

You can choose between framed, semi-frameless, or frameless solutions, depending on your budget and style. Framed doors feature glass panels fitted with metals, which, although less-expensive, appear bulky. 


Homeowners who are enthusiastic about a seamless aesthetic can opt for a frameless glass door, as it has no visual obstructions. Frameless solutions will let your tile designs and stonework stand out. Semi-frameless solutions strike the sweet spot between an elegant finish and a less-generous budget.

Use Light Colors and Bright Lights

Bright white paints have long been used to make smaller rooms feel expansive and airy, especially in spaces that are low on light. The perfect color for a small bathroom should be warm and neutral, and you can play around with blends like beige, tan, grey, blue, purple, and aqua. 

You can still use dark colors for small bathrooms, as long as you get creative with mirrors and lighting to bounce light around. Pair dark walls with giant mirrors to add depth to a small space.

Use bright and ambient lighting to make a small bathroom feel welcoming and larger. Ceiling lights are one way to open up a small bathroom and give it a contemporary finish. Choose wall lighting fixtures instead of hanging pendants or opt for over-cabinet lighting. Keep in mind that a well-lit space will always look larger than it is. Click here to find a handyman.