Every year new trends emerge that can transform your house, especially your living rooms. Similarly, in 2020, we have witnessed beautiful living room ideas, and styles emerge, which give us plenty of inspiration to upgrade our living rooms. 

Not only new styles but we also see new colour schemes and flooring ideas, such as the inclusion of natural materials, like jute and rattan; earthy colour schemes, like terracotta and beige; and colourful rugs with mix and match furnishings. 

If you wish to upgrade your living room according to the on-trend shades, furniture, and styles, go through the following tips and ideas and find the one that will suit your living room.

1. Section Your Living Room 

To properly incorporate new styles and tones in your living room, you need to start by sectioning the space in your living room. It doesn’t matter how big or small your living room is, once you section your room, it will give you a better idea of what you need to redesign. Play with different designs, such as creating a multi-functional living space that can allow you more room and ample angles to revamp. 

Since natural materials, like jute, are in style this year, you can start by adding a jute coffee table with a glass cover over a plain wool rug. A cocooned chair and a subtly toned sofa will complement it well, creating a comfortable and modern space for your living room. If you have an eating space in your living room, section this newly renovated area off from it, so those different compartments can create proper functionality and flow in your room. 

2. Revamp Your Flooring 

If you’re a fan of redecorating your living room, you’re guaranteed to have already come across the idea of laminate flooring. After all, it’s a go-to staple alternate for dense wood! 

Laminate flooring comes in different shades and tones; you can browse through a variety of beautiful natural tones of oak and darker shades of pine. Don’t worry; the laminated floor closely resembles solid hardwood due to its construction. Plus, it is very easy-to-maintain and robust in build. 

3. Choose the Right Tables for Your Living Room. 

We know most people do not think about adding compact side tables in their living room! They give just the right edge to your living room. If you’re not a fan of adding bulky furniture, such as bookcases, then the compact side tables are the best choice. 

Try incorporating metal in your side tables, be it in the shade of bronze, silver, or gold. If you’re not vibing with complete metal side tables, try adding a metal frame base to the tables, or maybe revamping their edgings to be of the said material. It’s a trend that seems to stay for quite some time, as it balances off your room.

4. Add Nesting Tables 

If you want to create an illusion of open space, then invest in a nesting table. It’s the real secret space-saving technique. You can find these tables in a range of styles; you can purchase the three-in-one nesting table, which you can assemble when you have guests around. Work with geometric designs, or nesting tables with metal frames, as they are quick to catch the eye. 

5. Add Console Tables 

A more budget-friendly option is buying a console table with sharp, clean lines. They can instantly revamp your living room to be exceptionally elegant. Purchase a big classy mirror to go with it and decorate the table with some gorgeous seasonal flowers. 

6. Take the Couch Out 

This year, many people have been ditching traditional styles for more modern designs. While this might be a challenge for you to incorporate into your living room, it can be a bold change. 

Cut out the couch and replace it with a bench seating, or a group of big comfy chairs. Maybe introduce an elegant settee in your living space, this is guaranteed to add a touch of regal to your household, making it much more intimate and cosier. 

7. Adding a Plush Velvet Upholstery 

Something worth talking about is adding a plush velvet upholstery in your living room. You can never go wrong with this one! 

The upholstery will complement all the other furniture you have in your room, be it the curtains, sofas, or the ottomans. The luxurious effect of the velvet material will add a lot of depth to your living room. If you plan on buying the furniture in jewel tones, like deep red or peacock blue, the colours will pop the overall interior. 

8. Switching to Parlour-style Seating 

If you’re a social butterfly and occasionally host loads of guests, adding parlour-style seating will trick you. They not only provide an elegant look but are also very functional. You can also arrange them around the main table to provide a unique social entertainment space in your living room. 

While traditionally, parlour seating comes in pairs of similar colours and designs, you can always go for a more modern approach by introducing different colours instead. It will make your living room interior much more eclectic. 

9. Off-kilter Scale 

You don’t always have to follow the traditional rules of decorating when redesigning your living space. Always go for introducing styles that you genuinely want to see in your room, as it’s the space where you tend to spend the most time. Revamp your living room to be different than usual. If your living room is smaller, buy larger furniture to accommodate; however, make sure the pieces are less imposing. 

Purchase oversized lamps, thin sofas, small nesting tables, and maybe more imposing light fittings. Never let your living room get mixed in with old styles and ideas. 

10. Contemporary Wall Lamps and Sconces 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that wall lamps and sconces are left in the past. They are back in full force, in different styles, ranging from matte finishes to glossy ones, and deco-inspired lighting. You can mix and match your favourite styles to create a beautiful interior for your living room. 

11. Paint Your Living Room Wall 

It is always a good idea to paint your living room in neutral tones. Neutral colours are always trendy, and they give a classy look to the room. While darker shades can often be too overwhelming for a living room, it is a good idea if you go for cream, brown or peach colour schemes when you are painting your living room wall.

The living room is the core of your house. Whenever someone enters your house, they see the living room, and it makes a statement. It is a good idea to use the above-mentioned trends to revamp your living room.