Bored with the usual home decor ideas? Here are a few innovative ideas that will not just help you renovate but give your home a unique look.

1. Use Mirror to make the Space Look Large:

Any decorator will tell you the importance of adding a few mirrors in your home, not just to take a peek of yourself in that now and then but also to make space look bigger than it is.

2. Double the Staircase as Storage Space:

The new trend is to store things below every step of the staircase by adding drawers. This not just uses every inch of your home for storage but also helps in hiding some clutter.

3. Install a Dining table that Doubles as a Pool Table:

Sure, you want a recreational space in your room, but the size of the home may not allow that. In such a case, use innovative ideas like buying a multi-functional dining table that can be used as a pool table. How cool is that?

4. Set up a Cozy Window Seat:

Who does not wish to look through a window while sipping on a cup of coffee? To enjoy that every day, do not forget to add up a cozy window seating to just relax and enjoy your evenings.

5. Have Unique Fireplace:

Adding a fireplace to a room can be such a huge fashion statement. A stone fireplace will make the home look luxurious; you can also use a glass fireplace to make it look stylish. Choose the one that reflects the statement you wish to make.

6. Bring Nature Inside:

Bringing more of the natural elements inside the home will make it feel lively. Add a vertical garden and hang some herb plants to use in the kitchen. Use jute fabric for a few cushions to make the home look earthly and add sustainable bamboo flooring which will just uplift the aesthetics of the house.

7. Add a Featured Wall:

A home renovation is incomplete without the addition of a featured well. You can do something different from usual, like adding murals to make the room look cool and unique.

8. Create a Reading Area:

If you are a bookworm, then adding a reading area is a must. But instead of installing a bookcase, why not integrate it with furniture where you can sit and read? You can also create a bookshelf below the staircase and that would just uplift the entire look of the space.

9. Install Glass Floor:

If you wish to do something brave, then add a glass floor on the top floor corridor (if you own a duplex). It can freak out some people easily and looks cool.

10. Add a Well-Organized Walk-in Closet:

A home cannot be luxurious without adding a nice walk-in closet. Utilize the space as much as you can and add enough storage as your clothes and accessories will only increase. You can make the space more innovative by adding interesting light fixtures. You can also add mirrors in unconventional spaces like inside the closet too take it up a notch.

If you have any more innovative ideas, do not stand back but bring it to the table. Such unique designs may overwhelm many but if you have a taste for it then just go for it!