The time has come to move on from your house to find a new home. But how can you get the best deal so you can get that dream house? If not just any remodeling jobs increase the value of your home, which will? In this post, we outline 10 tips that will increase your home value when remodeling.

Tips for kitchen remodels
Everyone knows the kitchen is often the key to people’s hearts when looking to buy a house. However, not every kitchen remodel will add value. It’s important not to go over the top and ensure the changes you make will have the desired effect before diving in.

1. New countertops 
Sometimes a wholescale remodel isn’t necessary and a few tweaks here and there can work wonders. Changing laminate countertops for something more modern is a great example of this. Whilst granite and marble can be expensive options, you can meet in the middle with stone or quartz. Taking this approach can make your remodeling job quicker and cheaper whilst increasing the value of your home.

2. Decent storage
A second way to quickly improve the look of a kitchen that will be beneficial to home value is installing decent storage options. This is one of the first things buyers look for. If there are no good storage options they will wonder why. It is the sort of thing that sticks in buyers’ minds too. Clever storage options like shallow depth cabinets will overcome concerns about smaller spaces. In larger spaces, getting the right look is key. 

3. Work with recommended companies
Whether it is a kitchen remodel or somewhere else in your house, it’s a good idea to work with someone recommended to you. It’s also a good idea to get consultations from at least3 companies to get a good price and pick someone you click with. This is the best way to find people you know you can trust and who will meet deadlines. Make sure to get things in writing in a contract too.

Tips for bathroom remodels
The second stop when people look to sell their homes is usually the bathroom. Whilst it can add value, if this is your primary goal, you have to be careful when remodeling. For example, a stylish bath might look great, but it will only recoup 50% of its cost. More important, is ensuring there is good space for at least two people to make the best out of every bathroom.

4. Install double vanities
If there is space, double vanities in bathrooms are a hit with buyers. Having two sinks demonstrates that the shower room is spacious. Having space for two will truly make a bathroom stand out and works great in an ensuite.  People will envision themselves in the bathroom and be able to see room for all the essentials.

5. A roomy shower
Whilst baths look great and are often something people dream of, showers are the key when selling your home. This is because a bath will only ever be a luxury, whereas a shower will be used every day. No one likes struggling to touch their toes without banging their head against a shower screen. Accessible showers are also a good idea no matter who your target market is.

6. A lick of paint
Giving the bathroom a lick of paint is a bare minimum when looking to increase the value of your home. Fortunately, it is easy to do and doesn’t cost much wheter you do it yourself or get someone in. It is also especially effective in transforming a bathroom space that is looking a bit old and tired. 

Create Space
When it comes to selling a house, or buying one, one of the key things people look for is space. If you can’t see anywhere to create space, then architects can really help. They tend to have an artistic and creative mind and find spaces you wouldn’t ever have imagined.

7. Open Plan
This long term trend continues today and is the best way to create space in your home. It can bring the kitchen closer to the living room for more fun evenings entertaining. It is also effective when it comes to bringing up the value of your home. Fortunately, it is also easier than you’d expect when you see the transformation. 

8. Convert the basement
A converted basement can add a whole extra room to your house. An extra room on a house adds an extra 10% to its value on average. This is a painless remodeling job too as you don’t have to give up on any space whilst it is being done.

9. Convert the attic
If you don’t have any space to extend down into, how about looking up? Attics are another great way to add space to your home. Be sure to check planning regulations and meet requirements that allow you to call and attic room an extra room to benefit fully in terms of house value.

Bring the outdoors inside
Brightness is another key selling point for homes. Open plans make it easier to get the light indoors, but there are other great ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside whilst keeping you toasty and warm.

10. Install a screened porch
Gone are the days when having a conservatory meant being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. With screened porch designs you can get the best of the outdoors in terms of light and closeness to nature, without having to cope with extremes of temperature.