While some of us move straight on into the house of our dreams; others aren’t so lucky. Some of us come to the conclusion that we aren’t going to find it – unless we renovate it for ourselves. You might even have found your dream home…but it just needs a little updating on the inside. Have no fear! We at PerthRenovationsCo.com.au are here with our 6 biggest mistakes to avoid while you renovate. You can thank us later!

Mistakes to Avoid While Renovating

While renovating your dream home, it is important to avoid these six things if you want to be successful (and not cost yourself more money)!

1 – Not Thinking About Re-Sale

OK, so we know you just moved into your dream place and you will never, ever leave it – if only life was so easy. If you ever find yourself in the position that you have to sell, then a jumbled mix of eclectic building materials isn’t going to cut the mustard. Think about how what you do will affect the resale price if the time should come. 

As a good general rule; if it decreases the value of your property, or cheapens the finish, avoid it like the plague.

2 – Neglecting the Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are where the money is if you do sell up. Not only that, but they are the two spaces that go out-of-date the fastest. The brighter, lighter, whiter and generally cleaner they look, the better. They get traffic all day long and quickly get shabby. Keeping them polished means for a happier household and guests that don’t mind eating in your home.

Vogue suggests keeping bathroom renovations simple. Sometimes less is more.

3 - Getting Rid of Good Furniture 

One of the top mistakes people make when they are renovating an old house (or dream home!) is to get rid of good furniture. Sometimes your old furniture just needs a little love to be good as new. Try giving it a lick of paint or re-upholstering… used goods don’t always have to go in the bin. You can learn more about upcycling here, courtesy of Homebase.

4 – Running Out of Cash

Renovations are going to cost more than you think . So add on an extra reserve, double your extra reserve, and then you will be in the ballpark. This means that if something goes wrong you have it in hand, and if nothing goes wrong you have a reward for yourself at the end of the work. You won’t though. You’ll find something to spend the extra cash on…

5 – Ignoring the Rules

No matter where in the world you live, building regulations need to be followed. For a start they keep you and your community safe, and for a second someone might order you to tear it all down if you don’t. Which you will have to pay for. Don’t ignore the rules, it’s not worth it.

6 – Running out of Things

Not just wallpaper, but bricks, coving, tiles, windows – we have seen it all. Order too much and you can sell it on again. Order too little and you have no guarantee the supplier is still producing those items by the time you come to need more . 

There you have it… Avoid these mistakes and you should be OK. Consider yourselves warned.