A cramped up and disorganized bedroom could very quickly become irritating and quite frankly, unlivable. Having a small room should not prohibit you from flaunting your style. While for some there may be an option to get a different home with a bigger bedroom for others that might not be a possibility. So how should you go about designing your bedroom now that you have brought in the beds on rent along with other essentials that make a bedroom whole? Well follow the simple steps mentioned below and render your bedroom a new reality:

Should the bed go in the middle?

That is the conventional idea to place the bed in the middle of the room leaning against the wall, however, this interior designing convention was made for bigger rooms. Therefore if you lack the space for it, it would be best if the bed is placed in a corner of the room thereby making most of the narrow floor plans of the small room. Not only will this be the proper utilization of corners of the room but it will also make a snug and cozy sleeping area.
Headboard and bed frames

To some, placing the bed in a corner might feel like they are back to living in a dorm room of a college. The proper cure for this is to get a simple headboard and then bring your creative genes to play by adding some subtle artwork to it. Also, try to ditch the footboard style bed frame and instead opt for a simple modern bed frame, you’ll thank us later for the minute inches thus saved.
Proper lighting:

Properly placed lights can open up your bedroom and make it appear more spacious than it is actually. Natural lights coming through the window when accompanied by some additional lights add a sense of warmth to the room. This also makes the use of those black curtains on windows useless hence adding a bit to the space quotient. However, if there is a lack of space to place table lamps or floor lights simply opt for the unorthodox style of string lights or even the all popular pendant lamps thereby giving an avant-garde vibe to your room.
Placement of bigger items

You cannot just ditch the big furniture for lack of space hence strategy is very important when placing these. Add a sense of depth to your room by keeping all the larger items like bookshelves and couches near the wall instead of putting right in the middle, this is essential as the bigger furniture takes a lot of space around them as well.
Don’t avoid the essentials

Space should not stop you from having the things you want in your room. So for instance, you want to rent sofas for your room. You can always place them leaning against the wall and have lighter shades of sofa covers.

These were just some of the many tips and tricks that could be employed to make your small bedroom feel like a modern and smart master bedroom showing that space is no reason to limit your personal choices.