Even though new builds are supposed to give us everything we ever need, there still can’t have been many property owners over the years who’ve moved in and thought – ‘Yes. I will never, ever need to change a thing, here’. It’s inevitable that our circumstances and needs will change, as we do, and that we’ll need to add options to our home. Not that this means we’ll always get round to these jobs though – here are the opportunities we put off more frequently than others.

Loft and garage conversions
Number one on the list is certainly making the most of the space we invest in. With modern cars pretty darn hard to steal these days, the garage doesn’t always get the use it once did, while the loft can simply look like too much hard work to transform. But with all that extra space just sitting there, beside or above us, that’s plenty of living space just waiting to enjoy. The award winning loft boarding service from Instaloft is a cost-effective, space-creating alternative to a full loft insulation.

Full home extensions
Similarly, home extensions are desirable projects that often never get off the ground (or beyond the idea, to be more precise). But home extensions can be great investments, adding on average more than 10% to the value of a property over time. Although an expensive outlay, especially on top of paying a mortgage already, home extensions can be designed to deliver the kitchen, dining room, office, or multi-functional living space you long for.

The extra bathroom
This is one area of home improvement that many new build developers have taken note of in recent years. And even though homebuilding is currently at a 30 year high, the majority of us live in a home that wasn’t built with a second bathroom. And while this isn’t a massive problem, as families grow and we start to age, that second or downstairs bathroom becomes rather more appealing. If you have the space, and demand, it’s certainly a home improvement you’ll never regret.

Decking in the garden
It might come as a surprise, but wooden decking around the exterior of your home can also add value to the property overall too. For many people, the patio is sufficient for the entire lifespan of their home, but how much do you enjoy power washing it? Decking is low maintenance, comfortable, and offers a rare, natural aesthetic that’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors (when the weather allows you to do so, of course). And with a striking lighting setup added, you’ll even be able to enjoy the odd night under the stars from the new comfort of your back garden.

A classic conservatory
At one time or another, everyone has sat in a conservatory and enjoyed the sound of rain. Unfortunately, at that time you were probably too hot, or too cold, as the first generations of conservatories had terrible insulation and were built with standard glazing. However, these days even a uPVC conservatory is built with far more efficient materials, and with the option of a Guardian Warm Roof, you can always be just the right amount of cosy.

If this blog has got you thinking about other home improvement projects you’ve been putting off, enjoy getting them done. The longer you leave it, the less time you’ll have to enjoy it, so make a simple plan and prioritise how you’ll improve your home this year – rather than put off what you really want for your home for another 12 months.