Unlike other materials, wooden floors provide particular warmth to the spaces; Depending on the color and style they can convey a sober and elegant, cozy, or fresh and relaxed view. But how to know what type of floor is best for my home?

To choose the best type of floor you should consider the following aspects.

Exposure to moisture
Artificial heating.
Liquid exposure
Passage of people and / or pets.

Based on these factors, you can decide what type of wooden floor suits you. For price ease of installation, maintenance, durability and aesthetics, the best options are engineering, vinyl and laminate wood floors; all three can be used in the decoration of rooms, rooms, kitchens or bathrooms.


Engineering wood flooring this type of wood flooring is a good substitute for solid stave. It is made of several layers of play wood, configuring a stronger and more stable material than a piece of solid wood. In this way it is less susceptible to changes due to temperature or humidity. If they are maintained correctly they can last more than 50 years. 

The top sheet has all the warmth and natural beauty of the wood species, making it ideal for studios, dining rooms and rooms. Unlike laminate and vinyl floors, the nature of engineering wood shows the variation, patterns and singularities of wood types more accurately.

It is a product with a high capacity to be personalized since different types of surface finish can be represented: greater or lesser gloss, brushed or smooth finish, with a selection of veins and knots to taste.

For the finished and warmth they provide; the studios, rooms and dining rooms are the ideal spaces to use this type of product.

One of the leading brands in the design of engineered wood flooring is flooring365, which incorporates state-of-the-art machinery and digital tools that make possible a more exhaustive control of the manufacturing processes.

Vinyl floors

The vinyl floor comes in rolls, sheets, tiles and planks; It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is the most versatile plastic derivative.

At first glance they simulate the nature of the woods in their different shades. They are ideal for rooms with high movement, adjacent to gardens or pools, as they can withstand humidity, as well as floor heating.

Depending on the manufacturing processes they may offer greater benefits. For example, the vinyl floors of Parador have substrates protected against swelling, as well as the “click” system, which guarantees a simple and quick installation.

In addition to rooms, this type of flooring is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Laminate flooring

The laminate floor is available in tiles and planks and is typically made of dense fibers, melanin, a photographic layer that simulates wood and a transparent protective surface.

This product enters the denomination of wooden floors, since its production comes from sustainable forests; its main raw material is wood dust or flour from forests.

Also of high durability and easy installation, they have the advantage of presenting a wider range of designs and can simulate any type of wood.

Slightly less resistant to moisture, they are ideal for the living room and dining rooms, where they are very colorful. Depending on their manufacturing, they may have antistatic properties and be resistant to scratches that can be caused by pets.