Every human being craves for the fresh air. The quality of air makes a significant impact on every human being and animals, as well. Air pollution and industrial waste contaminate the outdoor air and create an excellent environment for viruses and bacteria to spread. The air outside the house certainly is harmful to human health. However, the air quality inside the home is five times dangerous to human health than the outside air.

The air inside the house not only has dust particles, but it also has bacteria and viruses that can cause more harm to our health. Also, unfresh air creates a depressive environment that can affect mental health. As a well-wisher of your own house, you must know all types of Air quality equipment and the top brands producing them. Luftbewusst an eco clean air website provides an ultimate buying guide for better room climate and air quality equipment. Let’s get to know about some of the best air quality equipment one should install in the house.

Technical equipment to improve your home's air quality:

Thanks to some amazing Air quality equipment that can control the indoor air as per seasons and environment. Smart homes not only have light and door control, but now people can adjust the quality of air inside their homes.

1. Air Cleaner
The contaminants in your home's air are not visible to the naked eyes. However, dust particles, Bee pollen, pet hair, and bacteria can cause respiratory illness and viral infections. Fine dust even damages the heart and lungs. Installing Air Cleaners with filters to remove all types of dust is a good investment for the sake of good health. Air purifiers with multiple filters and activated charcoal can clean even tiniest dust particles.  

2. Humidifiers
Ideal humidity in your houses not only keeps you away from the dry skin but also can reduce the risk of flu infections. Depending on functions, humidifiers can be subcategorized into four types. Each type has features to maintain the humidity of the home air using different methods. A humidifier will keep the freshness in your house. However, too much moisture can hurt your health. In such cases, dehumidifiers can be a great choice to reduce humidity.

3. Heaters
Prolonged winter and cold days made many people install the right heating method for their houses. An infrared heater converts electric energy into heat efficiently. Installing heaters will create pleasant warmth and will keep you away from health problems due to cold weather. Heaters also create an environment where bacteria and viruses cannot thrive.

4. Indoor Fountains
Indoor fountains are available in the market with a variety of shapes and colors. It does more than just beautifying your interior. Indoor fountains regulate the humidity and remove the unpleasant odor. By changing the water in the fountain weekly, an indoor fountain will be fantastic equipment for your homes.

5. Ventilation equipment
Keeping proper ventilation in the house will make the heat of summer bearable. Ventilation equipment like fans blows away moisture near the skin to create a cooling effect. Adequate ventilation will be helpful in winter also, to evenly distribute the warm air coming from the heater. 

To pick a perfect product of Air Quality equipment could be a task. Choosing the right air washer for your house depends on the arrangement of rooms also. Key points one may consider while buying the equipment would be several rooms and the weather near the home. Of course, the budget could be one of the concerns. Air filters/washers with HEPA filters are more recommended air cleaners. Humidifiers from Philips, InnoBeta waterdrop, and some other brands are budget-friendly and of the high specification. 

Comparing various devices to select the best fit for your house is not much difficult. Technology can help you maintain the health of you and your loved ones.