If your house has a wooden roof, then you are familiar with this topic. Dry Rot, Wet Rot, and Rising Damp can damage timber in your building structure. Most homeowners are not equipped with tips and tricks to repair rotten wood and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

This article is designed to help you find easy tips for repairing your decayed timber. By the end of this discussion, you will be informed fully about the causes of timber decay. You will also know how to treat timber decay in your building. 

What is the cause of timber decay?

Timberwise warns that timber decay is caused by fungal infestation and aging of timber. Too much pressure exerted on the wood can also cause it. When the wood develops cracks, splits, leaks, or holes, insects can easily find their way into the timber and cause a lot of damage. Some insects such as carpenter ants build their nests inside the wood and continue destroying the wood. 

Damp and moisture also contribute a lot to the decay of timber. When the moisture content of the wood is above 18%, it is likely to be infested with fungi like Dry Rot and Wet Rot. Therefore, you must ensure you lower the moisture content of your building timber to prevent fungal infestation on the wood.

How to treat timber decay 

A variety of fungicides and pesticides in the market can be used to treat timber decay. For instance, you can use the solid Boron to kill all the worms, fungi, and insects that live inside the timber to prevent any rots. Once the solid Boron is inserted into the wood, the moisture in the wood will dissolve it and cause leaching. This leaching solution kills all living organisms present in the wood.

Also, you can insert Boron paste on the holes created by pests that attack the timber. You can use a mastic gun or a skeleton gun to insert the Boron paste inside the holes on the wood. It prevents timber decay by lowering the amount of moisture in the timber. 

You can also treat the timber surface to prevent any future decay. The surface treatment is not recommended where the timber is already infested with Dry Rot and Wet Rot or other common types of woodworms. 

You can use the Boron Ultra 12 powder to treat the surface of your timber. Boron Ultra 12 powder is mixed with water and the solution is applied on the timber to protect it from pest infestation and decay. 


Preventing timber decay is better than treating the decay. Ideally, before using timber in the construction of your building, it is vital to treat it with the recommended pesticide or fungicide. Use timber that is less susceptible to decay in your building construction. 

Also, you can always inspect your wood structure for any decays so that you take the right measures towards preventing extensive damage. Note that timber damage on your building structure can cost you a lot. You can reach out to a local professional to help you prevent pest and fungal infestation on your wooden building materials.